Termination Letter to Employer and Sample

Unsatisfaction doesn’t always come from the employers. Employees often feel the same thing which leads them to heavy stress as they cannot reach professional or personal expectations. To end this condition, it is Ok to submit the termination letter to the employer. This is the same thing with a resignation letter.

Can You Request A Termination Letter?

Actually, in most countries, there is no federal law that rules the employees to stay in the company after some time. However, the states law has ruled certain conditions that allow an employee to understand this process.

Which One Is Better? Termination or Be Terminated?

There are times that someone doesn’t perform in maximum capacity. At this time, he or she might be waiting for a termination letter. However, in certain cases, it is better if you save your reputation by writing a resignation letter. This will save you time and image in front of other employers in the future. However, you must remember that when you have decided to resign, you are not likely to get compensation from the company.

How Does The Termination Letter Affect The Future?

A termination letter can be hurtful for your future if you are fired from the company due to various reasons. If you keep holding the grudge, disclose your case about suing the company, or speaking ill about your former boss, then the recruiters might have a big question if they can recruit you.

Can You Resign From Your Job Due To Stress?

Working pressure is different from one field to another. If your current position causes you so much stress that affects a lot your mental health, then it is better to quit your job. Or, you might offer fewer responsibilities.

Can Employers Share The Reason Someone Getting Terminated?

There is no rule if the employer can disclose the information about someone getting fired. If an employer is terminated for stealing or disclosing the company’s data, then they can explain to other employees why this individual got terminated.

How To Write A Termination Letter To Employer

The format of the termination letter to the employer is the same as a resignation letter. This contains the date of the termination, the date of the letter written, and the reason why are the individual needs to resign from the company. Here is an example of the termination letter to the employer:

Dear Ms. Paige

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am terminating my contract with the ABC company starting from  January, 1st 2021. I have been thinking about it for more than two weeks after our conversation and appraisal review. Even though I enjoy working with this company,  I feel I cannot use all of my skills and idea to improve any projects here because this always has to be a one-person decision. Therefore, I am planning to pursue a career in an organization that allows me to use all of my talents and best ability.

I was thrilled when you said I will be promoted as a manager right after getting my marketing degree. Since that time, I have been working hard to achieve a balance between work and study. I also think you have acknowledged to me that I get excellent appraisal reviews during these 5 years. However, I have applied for marketing positions in the marketing department, but the company always takes outside candidates. As you said the first time on the interview, promotion would be much easier once I got my marketing degree.

I believe I have been working in my maximum capacity and the company has met satisfaction with my work. However, I believe I have a lot to offer the company, so I will pursue my career for professional opportunities.


Ms. Danese Helena


The termination letter to the employer is supposed to be straightforward, formal, and polite to let you leave a good impression. We hope this letter helps you quit your company without breaking the relationship.

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