Termination Letter for Theft And Sample

A termination letter is not something you can do easily, especially when it comes to legal actions. Such things become more complicated. To get prepared, we help you with the termination letter for the theft sample.

Is It Ok To Terminate An Employee For Theft?

Thefts cost a lot for the company from the recruitment cost, revenue, morale, and also time. This is important to make sure the employees are reliable and honest. Note that theft in the workplace is not only the products or money. This can be information, giving unauthorized discounts to families or friends, intellectual property, receiving commissions from suppliers, and many more. Such things are generally considered theft or stealing.

Then, is it allowed to fire an employee for stealing? It depends. Because this case is very crucial which can affect the employees’ and company’s image, a deep investigation is required. The company must be careful to point out someone who has stolen the company’s assets. There are some ways to give a warning for the employees from the verbal and formal ones. It always depends on the case. Therefore, you also have to treat the employees consistently.

Will An Employee Go To Jail For Stealing?

Stealing is a serious issue. Everything should put concern about this matter no matter how small this is. It is important to be decisive. An employee can steal a little number of things from the company and walk away as people never know it. However, once the company has found out, they might take legal action and sue the employee. When it is proven, the worst scenario is he or she will go to jail. This leads to a long term effect, such as unemployment.

Termination Letter for Theft Sample

The termination letter for theft must be written carefully. If it is possible, the writing must be under the company lawyer and resource manager. Here is an example you can use for an idea:


Dear Ms. Beth,


This letter is written to inform you that today starting from December 12, 2020, your contract with the ABC company has been terminated due to misconduct of company theft. On December 10, 2020, Our company’s CCTV has proved that you have stolen the company’s laptop. We have carefully investigated the case and we are convinced that you are not eligible to move any properties outside of the building.

You have known that company theft is a serious case. We appreciate an employee with integrity, honesty, and reliability.  These are crucial for the growth of the company so it can return goodness to the employees. But when an employee disrupts the healthy environment, this will affect the whole system and the success of our business.

We expect you will return our properties you have stolen including any kind of properties you had been using for works. We expect you to return it within 3 business days). If you don’t make any effort in returning these, we will consider it stealing which we will take legal action against you.

Our HR Manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your last paycheck and the benefits, If you have found this as an error, you can contact us at (222)444-444 or meet our lawyer Mr. Allanwood.

At the end of the meeting, you will be escorted to your desk so you can collect your personal properties. Then, you can leave the company.




Martin Halandol, HR Manager

ABC Company

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