Catering Postcard Customizable PSD Template

Catering Postcard Design and PSD Template

Catering businesses must try something new to attract more clients and customers. One of the interesting ideas is by using a catering postcard. In general, it has the same purposes as flyers and brochures for marketing and promotion. On the other hand, it contains a section for mailing. A business owner may send the postcard directly to clients, business partners, or customers.

Catering Postcard Ideas and Purposes

The idea of a postcard is inspired after the marketing team finds the value of this media. In regular use, people send the postcard as similar to a letter. However, it does not use an envelope, and the content is relatively general. It can be a birthday greeting or a simple thank you note. Moreover, the postcard can be useful to introduce tourism. Based on that explanation, a catering postcard is used for promotion and marketing. You can add the design related to the catering business.

Catering Postcard Design and Layout

The design for this postcard depending on the theme you put. For a simple marketing strategy, you can start with an introduction to gain more exposure. Catering business relies on relationships with clients. Even though the design is very attractive, you still need the real order. That’s why it starts with a simple design then expands with a special offer.

The layout utilizes standard composition that most postcards have. You do not want people to think this one is just flyer, right? To ensure it is the real postcard, you should make the layout similar to what the postcard supposed to be.

Catering Postcard Contents

To know more about the catering postcard, you should understand its contents. From this point, you will see why it is different from the flyer. You can transform the postcard into a brochure or vice versa. Here are the key components that must be available.

  1. Introduction

The postcard is a relatively small size, which means you do not have much space for complex design. It starts with an introduction to your business and service.

  1. Business offers

The catering owner can use one postcard for a general offer. On the other hand, it can be for a special offer, such as holiday, Christmas, New Year, or anything. Make sure people know they offer comprehensively.

  1. Services and benefits

Offer and discounts are enough to attract people. On the other side, the postcard should provide benefits and services.  Therefore, enlist the benefits for your customers when they order the catering from your business.

  1. Logo and background

To make the contents more attractive, the logo and background will be the right solution. You can combine visual and text to enhance attractiveness. For visuals, the photo and some images are really helpful.

  1. Contact information and mail section

It is called a postcard due to the section for mailing. You can write the name and address then put a stamp. Moreover, you can also add contact information to make sure people know where they can order.

Catering Postcard Template Benefits

The templates for the catering postcard will be the best solution for making the postcard quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it is free, so you can have and edit it. You can get the file with a PSD extension that contains organized layers. That’s what you should know about this postcard. 

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