Maternity Leave Letter to Employer and Example

Maternity leave is protected by the government. All pregnant women have the right to recover from the birth and make a strong bond with the baby. However, along with preparing your dates for maternity leave, you must write the maternity leave letter to the employer. This is an early notice that your employer should aware of to make the work transition better during your absence.

When Do You Need To Take The Maternity Leave?

Typically, the earliest day that pregnant women take maternity leave is 11 weeks before the labor days. However, if you are suffering from certain sickness or prematurely deliver your baby, then your maternity leave date will start on that day.

You can take the latest maternity leave if you feel OK with your condition and want to work until its due date. However, you are advised to take the maternity leave two or one weeks before the due date so you can avoid the stress and get a better preparation.

What Are The Best Time To Take Maternity Leave?

The best time to take your maternity leave depends on certain conditions, such as:

Your distance to work

Commuting for pregnant women can be very challenging. It is always busy, crowded, and delay which drains your emotion and energy. If you have to take a long commute, you might need to take an earlier maternity leave to avoid any nightmares during your commute.

Job’s demands

Working as a pregnant woman can be very risky for some people, especially with high job demand. This can be very frustrating which emotionally draining. Later it will also affect your baby’s health in the end. Maternity leave will be your best choice at this time. If you are allowed to make an offer, you can work from home. So, you can reduce stress while fulfilling your job demands.

The plans before delivering birth

Maybe you want to take the maternity earlier because you need to prepare and get organized before the due date. It is also not about the baby’s preparation, but also the time for relaxing before your new arrival. You will have a big change in your life and you must get prepared for it.

How To Write A Maternity Leave To Employer?

In writing  the maternity leave letter for your employers, you must underline the formats such as the dates or the departure, the statements of the pregnancy, and the confirmation from the doctors. Here is an example you might need:


Dear, Mr. Stevenson

This letter is written to inform you about my pregnancy. Therefore, I am planning to take 12 weeks of maternity leave. Along with this letter, I enclosed the statements from doctors about my condition.

I intend to start my maternity leave from December 10, 2020, and return to the office on April 10, 2021. During my last days before my maternity leave, I will finish the remaining projects and discuss them with the team so the goals can be achieved during my leaves.

I will inform you as much as I can when a sudden change occurs in the future. I will appreciate your consideration, and I would like to take the benefits of maternity leave for recovering from my birth, building a strong bond with my baby, and doing a follow-up with my health-care.

If you need me to discuss something related to the work, you can contact me at (666)66767-6676. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any clarification if you need it.

Thank you for your consideration.




Erika Manora Perez, Secretary

Hounder Inc.

It is important to write a maternity letter to the employer soon. This will help him/her to prepare for the temporal change in the company, especially if you take it during the busiest months.

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