5+ Mechanical Engineering Resume Templates

Mechanical Engineering Resume Templates and Free Download Examples

Applying jobs as mechanical engineering is going to be tricky if you do it without a resume. As a matter of fact, any kind of job won’t be possible to get if you do not attach a resume on your job application documents. Therefore, make the resume from now on and get the job properly.

For those who have no clue how to write a resume, especially in mechanical engineering field, there will be plenty of examples below. It should show you how to properly pen down the resume and highlight the engineering skill you have gained over the years.

Mechanical Engineering Resume Example

Mechanical Engineering Resume Example

William Bolton

Email: billybolton@mail.com

Phone: 275-2869

Hudson, PA

Profile Summary

  • Recent graduate of Glenn University with mechanical engineering major, GPA 3.5.
  • Looking for entry-level position as mechanist and welder. Possessing collaboration skills and capable to work in teams.
  • Good in communication and people’s skills as well.

Education History

Owain High School, Graduated 2016, GPA 3.4

Glenn University, mechanical engineering major, Graduated 2020, GPA 3.5

Basic Skills

Static engineering

Dynamic Engineering

Machinery and Measurement

Machine Design

Thermal Systems Laboratory

Programming Skill



Microsoft Excel


Machining Tool-Handling Skill


Angle Grinders

Chop Saws


Plasma Cutters


Machinist, Jackson Building Project, 2019

Welder, Kellan Housing, 2019

Basic Machinist, Yule Station, 2020

How to Write a Resume for mechanical engineering?

When you are about to write a resume and your aim is to get a job in mechanical engineering field, you have to pay attention to these tips. It will help you to get the resume done precisely and please anyone who read it. Here they are:

  1. Download the right template (the one specifically made for those looking for mechanical engineering resume)
  2. Collect all data from your engineering-related experience, including working experience and internship
  3. Write them all on the resume template and highlight your skill
  4. Make sure that you write the skills in groups (basic skill, machinist skill, etc.)
  5. Only write the skills that you are really have and make sure you do not exaggerate things.
  6. If you have reference numbers, from your old colleagues or bosses in the past, include them in the resume but contact them beforehand.

People Also Ask

Skills are the best and number one things that people should include in the resume, especially for mechanical engineering. To list the mechanical skills, of course you have to do it in groups so that the list won’t be too long and too boring to read eventually.

The most common thing to do when you list the skills is to separate them into three groups. The first one is basic skill. The second one is programming skill and the last one is tool handling skills. They are all needed in the world of mechanical engineering and thus very expected to be on the resume.

How can a mechanical engineer make a resume for students?

Even when you are still at school, you can write a resume as a mechanical engineering. There are many schools specifically for learning the skills. If you are in this situation, simply write the resume by highlighting the things you have learnt in school, engineering-related subjects of course.

Besides, if you have joined any programs or internship that has correlation with the subject of engineering, feel free to include them on the resume. As long as they are true, they will be counted as working experience by some people.

What is Profile Summary for mechanical engineer?

 The profile summary of the resume should highlight the skills and the career goal. Keep it simple and make sure that it is just a few sentences. Let the reader focuses more on the skill list you have written under the profile summary so that they know exactly what skills you have.

Example for Mechanical Engineering Resume

Everyone knows that writing a resume without the help of a template is incredibly hard. This template is going to ease the process of resume-writing.

Mechanical Engineering Resume with Experience

When you already have tons of experiences working in the field of engineering, make sure you write them all on the resume. This template shows you how to highlight the experience in the resume, so the readers know that you are a serious bargain.

Mechanical Engineering Design Resume

Printable Mechanical Engineering Resume

Job applications are now often sent via email. However, if you are still doing the old-fashioned way and tend to send them directly, of course you need to print the resume. This is the printable template that you can surely print on paper by the end of the day.

Fresh-Graduate Mechanical Engineering Template

A good template is helpful and make sure everybody, even with zero experience, can have good time writing the resume-writing.

Mechanical Engineering Resume For Fresher

Example of Mechanical Engineering Resume for Fresher

You are just finishing college and now looking for a job. This is the template that will definitely help you in doing so.

Mechanical Engineering in Design Resume Template

Design engineering is such a great deal and the resume should be different as it has to show the portfolio and samples. Use the reliable template example to make this resume.

Mechanical Engineering Resume For Experience

Simple Mechanical Engineering Template

Keeping it all simple is the key to write a good resume. You should be able to do that when using this one particular template.

Example of Mechanical Engineering Free Download

Are you in need of the template that can be downloaded for free? Most of these templates are and they just perfect to help you writing down a good resume.

Mechanical Engineering with Experience Resume Template

People who already have experiences in the engineering world have every right to brag them off in the resume. After all, it will help enhancing their skills. This is the correct template for that.

Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Template and Example

For those who are looking for the templates for entry-level engineering, this template is the right one to choose. The template is downloadable for free, so everyone in need of mechanical engineering template can have it, and it is just a few clicks away.

Printable Resume for Mechanical Engineer

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