New Business Announcement Letter and Its Sample

What Is A New Business Announcement Letter?

The new business announcement letter is similar to a press release in which a company is issuing a letter to potential business partners, customers, business associates, and many more before it opens its door. The purpose of writing this letter is to create excitement and generate more leads.  As a new business, it is important to introduce the brand to everyone which will affect it in the long run.

How To Announce A New Business

The internet is a big platform to do marketing effectively. However, the new business announcement letter is still necessary. You can deliver the letter via email or conventionally as business correspondence. You can also do the following tips to maximize the result.

Sign up for a local listing service

You can sign up your business with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These platforms allow you to introduce your business which leads people to feel easier to find your company through a search engine.

Embrace social media

Whether you like it or not, social media is an important thing. There are more people join social media which means you can use this as a place to promote your business. Even it is more effective than the conventional strategy.

SEO company website

SEO has been changed from time to time, which means the SEO technique will always develop. This is an important thing because people are still focusing on using a search engine. Then, now it is time for you to start considering SEO as your tool to introduce your business.

Press release

Never hesitate to make a press release whenever your business is having an important event. Let the potential customers and partners know what you are doing. It will affect your brand in the long run.

The Example Of New Business Announcement Letter

Dear Mr. Murphi,

It gives me a lot of excitement to announce the grand opening of the “Duck Duck Good” restaurant. I am hoping that this restaurant will provide everyone’s needs in the culinary tour and a one-stop spot of eatery place.

This restaurant offers Asian cuisines with the specialty of Chinese foods. You will find every popular Chinese food in our restaurant. Besides, we also provide catering service for various events such as a wedding party, meeting in the office, garden party, and anything you need with certain customization.

We make sure the quality is always based on hygiene and professional standards. Furthermore, there are various hot promos in the upcoming weeks. Don’t hesitate to visit us and try something special. We are going to have an Ice Cream Party on Sunday 27th December 2020 in “Duck Duck Good”, street 50, Bugenville 65 Carolina River. There is interesting merchandise waiting too.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!




Danish Manor

With various media to introduce your business, it is still important to write the new business announcement letter, especially for your potential partner. We hope our tips help you!

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