Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee And The Sample

In some cases, an active, competent, and talented employee may be overlooked. Only later when the employee is on vacation or absent for certain matters, other employees realize that her/his presence is needed by the company. This makes a colleague, supervisor, or management write a letter of appreciation to boss about employee to the CEO, president, or company owner to promote the competent employee.

Why Do I Write An Appreciation Letter to Boss?

If you feel that you have a competent and talented colleague, but she/he is visible to your boss, you need to write this appreciation letter. You know that companies need creative and active people to be more developed. Hence, it will be very unfair if the people who had made progress for the company are not recognized by the boss.

You can also write this letter when your company is looking for an employee to be promoted, you can help to promote your co-worker to your boss.

How To Write An Appreciation Letter to Boss?

Just like writing other letters, in writing a letter of appreciation to boss about employee, you will also need to pay attention to several important aspects. Some of them are as follows:

Be Short And Clear

Your letter should be brief and clear. Don’t use sentences that are too long and full of pleasantries. Remember that your boss also has a lot of other crucial things to do. Make sure your letter is short and clear.

Be Sincere

You are promoting someone, so use a sincere and appropriate tone. Do not let your letter sound exaggerated or even like a sycophant.

Give Specific Reasons

Use a specific and strong reason why you recommend the other employee. Also, include an example of how the employee has indeed contributed to the company.

Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee Sample

The letter you are going to write will look better and classier if it is written briefly. You can submit a letter that you have written to one of your superiors, such as the president, CEO, or company owner. Below is an example of an appreciation letter written by an employee to help her colleague get a promotion.

Dear Mr. Gregory,

My name is Hellen and I am writing to let you know that I have a colleague who is very competent for you to promote. She is Amy Sharon who is an active and innovative employee who has succeeded in making our team always liked by customers. We love Sharon very much, our customers always ask Sharon to handle them. She is not the only kind to our clients, but also to all employees whether they are one of our team or from different divisions. Apart from that, Sharon also never came late or took a day off on weekdays. He is a very tenacious employee.

When you want to find an employee that you will promote, you can consider Sharon, I am sure you will not regret it. I hope you will be available to meet and speak directly to Sharon. Thank you for your attention.



Hellen Joyce

The example above is written briefly but clearly and sincerely. Now it’s your turn to write a letter of appreciation to boss about employee.


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