Non Profit Board Resignation Letter and Sample

There are times that you find difficulties as a board member in a non-profit organization. For example, you have a work conflict, health, or family matter. Some reasons are hard to leave so you have to decide to quit your organization. The next step you have to do is writing the non profit board resignation letter to show to other boards that you are professional and want to leave a good relationship.

How To Resign From A Non Profit Organization?

Resigning from a non profit organization can be unacceptable. Sometimes, other board members might not be able to accept your decision. You might want to leave a weak reason and then just leave. However, most of them will have some grudges. Therefore, telling the truth is the best option. You can meet the president director and then meet other boards in a meeting.

Or, you can write the non profit board resignation letter. You can ask to read this letter out loud during the meeting and let other boards also hold your copy. during this meeting, you might find some difficulties in explaining the reasons. However, in the end, they will still accept your reason without burning the bridges.

Can A Board Member resign From His/ Her Position Whenever Heor She Wants To?

Resignation is typically coming from various personal reasons. In many cases, any board can resign from his or her position. In one rare case, a board must resign from the position due to breaching the agreement. Typically this is also decided by the court.

How To Write A Profit Board Resignation Letter?

The format of the non profit board resignation letter is different from resignation from a job. However, you still need to write professionally. Be straight forward and factual. Non Profit Board Resignation Letter Sample


Dear Mr. Bill

I am writing this letter to let you know that starting from December 15, 2020, I will be quitting from my position as the board member of XYG Nonprofit Organization. As you know that my health during these months is getting worst. Due to my health condition, I must have skipped many important board meetings because I was hospitalized. I think it is best for me and XYG Nonprofit Organization is to resign from my position. Hence, I  relinquish my position and all of my responsibilities and privileges. I hope you could accept my decision.

I also want to apply size for any inconvenience during my service. If you need a further discussion you can reach me at this number (555)5555-5555 or by email at

I have many things to remember about the XYG Nonprofit organization. I love this community and enjoy working with everyone there. Being one of the main board of this organization was a big honor. I wish this organization all the best and success. Thank you for your time and cooperation.




Piere Monica

Various reasons cause someone to quit as a board member in a nonprofit organization. This is important to state clearly. Except you are under certain conditions, all board members will allow you to quit with peace.


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