Printable Resignation Letter From Church Position And The Example

There should be an emotional feeling appear when you want to resign from your position as a worker in a church. When you hesitate to inform directly, write a resignation letter from church in a formal form may be the appropriate way to apply. This will make the other church staff understand your situation better and prove your professionalism on your work.

When Is The Exact Time To Leave Your Church?

When you have a different vision, probably you may decide to leave your position as a staff in a church. There will be more reason for you to leave the church where you work, such as you feel like the church doesn’t do many thing outside or when there is a power abuse in the church leadership that makes you uncomfortable to remain on your position.

How Do I Resign From A Church Position?

Request a meeting with the pastor to talk about your resignation. It will be appropriate to talk about this matter face-to-face, so you can explain the situation directly. Then, you should return all of the church’s belongings. You cannot keep them on your behalf unless you have permitted them by the leader of the church. In the last step, you can hand in your resignation letter to whom it concerned.

How Do I Write A Letter Of Resignation From A Church?

State your intention briefly about your resignation. Include the reason to make your letter convincing enough to smooth out your leaving in a church position. Pay attention to grammar and spelling, and as much as possible keep your tone. You should make your letter in a formal form to prove your professionalism as a respectable former church member. Express your appreciation towards the church, and praise them for their cooperation with you for the time being. Sign the letter to close your letter, make copies as many as you need to for the people you want to send to.

Example Of Resignation Letter From Church Position

You can be inspired to make a new one by looking at the example below.

Dear Mr. Frank,

Along with this letter, I want to inform my intention to resign from a church staff in this church. As you know, my wife has been suffered from illness for these past two months and she may need more attention from her family including me as a good husband. In order to take care of my wife, I believe it can be a consideration for me to resign from my position in this church. I will work until my last day that which will be on October 30, 2010. I would be pleased to consider this as my notice of resignation.

I am sorry for any inconvenience that appears caused by this matter. I would be happy to look for a replacement for my position or transfer my responsibilities over to another member who is willing to. If you have any further discussion about this matter, you could contact me at (123)-123-1234 or

I have truly enjoyed my time as a staff of the church. I am sorry for this resignation and leaving the position sooner to put my time into my higher priorities. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding regarding my action.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Blaine

May this article can help you to understand more about this type of letter. Hope it can give you inspiration to write a resignation letter from church. Good luck!



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