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For now, you can use sample medical receptionist resume to help you make your own resume. There are also some additional pieces of information about the medical receptionist position.

Entry Level Medical Receptionist Resume

In fact, the person who will be the suitable to be in the medical receptionist position is someone who is well-organized. Yes, you are needed to be well-prepared in almost every situation and condition. You also should pay great attention to any details.

The Example of Medical Receptionist Resume

You can see the sample medical receptionist resume below:

Jill Daughtery

Contact Details

Address: 83 Hills Road, Pittsford, NY

Phone   : 0282 8373 7787

Email    : jill.daughtery@live.com

Personal Summary

  • A high passionate medical receptionist with over 4 years of experience in working as a medical receptionist in clinical settings.
  • Have remarkable administrative skills, such as managing the patient records, managing the finance and inventory, tracking the daily flows of the clinic.
  • Great at other essential medical receptionist skills, such as managing the appointments between the patients and the doctors, arranging the physician schedules, and also arranging the patient flows to make the clinic optimized.
  • Now seeking the next step of my career along with the amazing healthcare organization to deliver remarkable medical customer service services.

Key Skills

  • Great communication
  • Schedule management
  • Medical health basic knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Administration
  • Patient flows management
  • Critical thinking
  • Organizational skills
  • Team management
  • Phone etiquette
  • Problem-solving

The Educational Background

  • High School Diploma (2011)
  • Pittsford Academy, NY

The Professional Experiences

Medical Receptionist (2012 – Present)

Pittsford Medical Health Clinic

  • Managing the inventory, organizing the supplies, and receiving the package deliveries
  • Scheduling or rescheduling, and verifying the appointments between the patients and the doctors
  • Using the EMR software to managing the patient files and records
  • Greeting and helping the patients to check-in
  • Collecting the insurance, medical, and personal information of the patients
  • Communicating the medical results to the patients
  • Collecting the patient’s payment or other transactions

Tips on How to Make Medical Receptionist Resume

Here are several tips to make your medical receptionist resume better:

  1. Use the relevant keywords
  2. Add the details of your work duties in every work experience
  3. Arrange work experience in reversed mode
  4. Highlight medical receptionist skills
  5. Add an impressive cover letter
  6. Focus on the strength you can offer to the company
  7. Only include your highest degree in educational background section

People Also Ask

What should I put on my medical receptionist resume?

Among many important things to be put into your resume, make sure to list your relevant skills in this field, such as:

  1. Organizational skills
  2. Budgeting skills
  3. Scheduling and arranging the appointment skills
  4. Data entry skills
  5. Call etiquette skills
  6. Computer skills
  7. Medical records skills
  8. Communication skills

What are the duties of a medical receptionist?

Being a medical receptionist is similar to any other receptionist; you must have some responsibilities and duties, such as:

  1. Greeting and welcoming the patients and other visitors, either on the telephone or in-person
  2. Answering the question and inquiries that asked by the patients and the visitors professionally
  3. Helping the patients to check-in
  4. Scheduling the appointments that the patients need
  5. Arranging the other medical appointments that the doctors need
  6. Managing the patient’s record (personal, insurance, and medical)

Who is a medical receptionist?

A medical receptionist is a professional who is responsible for managing the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly administration of the patients, doctors, visitors, and staff at the healthcare facility. This receptionist is also responsible for monitoring the stock and inventories, handling the emergency cases, answering the patient and the visitor’s inquiries, and scheduling the appointments.

Types of Medical Receptionist Resume

You can choose the types of sample medical receptionist resume template based on your preferences and needs. Here are the types of medical receptionist resume.

Basic Resume Template Sample

The basic sample medical receptionist resume is the first option you can choose if you don’t want the resume to look “too much”. In this simple template, you can highlight your contacts, career goal, software skills, and hobbies on the left side. Then, include your educational qualifications, training experience, and employment experience on the right side.

Experienced Medical Receptionist Resume

The Basic Monochrome Resume Template Sample

The basic monochrome sample medical receptionist resume is a bit similar to the previous template. However, in this template, your resume will look a little bit colorless, but still interesting.

Clean-Look Resume Template Sample

If you want to highlight personal style as a neat person, just use the clean-look sample medical receptionist resume template. This one is basically similar to the two previous samples, but you will only need to write your details in one line. No need to divide the layout into two parts.

free medical receptionist resume template

The Portfolio Resume Template Sample

Use the portfolio sample medical receptionist resume template if you want to have a more eye-catching resume. You can make it more interesting with this template since it enables you to include the portfolio in any field you want to apply to.

Creative Resume Template Sample

If you eager to show your creative side in any job you are seeking, use the creative sample medical receptionist resume template. Just show your creativity with this template as it enables you to express yourself in your own words and design.

Front Desk Medical Receptionist Resume

Different Format Resume Template Sample

This different format of sample medical receptionist resume template is a unique, especially for you who want to be a bit quirky and show an unpopular style. The font and format in this template are enough to show your quirky personality.

Free-Download Colorful Resume Template Sample

Do you want to be different, but don’t have any skills in design? Don’t be worried since there are free-download creative sample medical receptionist resume templates. Download this template and just fill the space. Well, there you go, you have creative resume on your hands.

 Medical Office Receptionist Resume Sample Medical Receptionist Resume


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