Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student and Its Example

A great teacher will bring a different world to students because he or she works passionately in various aspects such as academic and personal development. This is why a teacher appreciation letter from a student means a lot.  Even though this is simply a letter from a kid, but this will be meaningful for teachers as they know their effort is appreciated.

How To Make A Teacher Feel Appreciated

Besides writing a teacher appreciation letter from students, there are some ways to make a teacher feel appreciated, such as:

Help teacher create a conducive classroom

A teacher has a lot of work to do, from the administration, lesson plan, making teaching media, teaching, and so on. There is so much stress a teacher can have outside of the classroom. This will be very helpful for them if students create a conducive classroom so the teaching and learning process runs smoothly.

Show your love

One of the best ways to appreciate the teacher is by showing your love. It is not only about gifts, you can do simple things like smiling and respecting the teacher. On another occasion, try to greet your teacher and talk with them in a casual manner outside of the class. The teacher loves it if the students remember and need them. They know they are appreciated.

Write a letter

If you want to make something beyond the thankful card, you can create a teacher appreciation letter from students. Show your gratitude for being taught by your teacher. Don’t forget to mention what they have done to you and your class and how this helps you develop as a student.

Example of A Teacher Appreciation Letter From Student

Dear Ms. Stevenson,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your dedication and passion for teaching our class. You have given such a positive impact on us, especially me. I used to hate math because I didn’t understand well the concept, especially things related to logic and algebra.

What amazed me about you is you are willing to spend a lot of time with students like me. You have to spend extra time which you could use for another thing. Instead, you teach us from hour to hour outside of the class.

I like the method you introduced to me that we can conquer math from a small step. So, what you did to me is finding my starting point and then improve my level as I understand the previous concept. when you gave me a more advanced task, it is easier for me because I understand well the concept.

Because of you, now I am brave to dream higher. I have a dream to work at NASA or a Boring Company. I will never give up!

I will not be able to let my years go without contacting you and telling you how much positive impact you have left on me. I am very fortunate to meet you as my teacher.




Elizabeth Hawkins

CC: Dr. Davina Clay


Palm Junior School

A teacher appreciation letter from a student sounds like a trivia thing, but it matters a lot as it brings a smile for them. Let your teacher know how much they have contributed to your study.

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