Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter And The Sample

In the common case, an unemployment overpayment happens when a person is not eligible to receive the payment. But, there are several things you should consider to respond to the notice about the unemployment benefits. You have a right to file an appeal by using an unemployment overpayment appeal letter. The appeal can be mailed, written, or hand-delivered to the labor department.

How To File An Appeal?

If your former employer files an appeal, you have a right to do the same. You only have thirty days to send the appeal, which time is effective from the date of the letter. Some elements that you must include to your are your unemployment overpayment appeal letter are name, address, social security number, and phone number. Don’t forget to have a copy of the document.

If your appeal has been sent and accepted, you will be noticed about the hearing time. It will take approximately 3 weeks after filing an appeal. What you need to prepare before the hearing is you have to understand the law.

Should I Repay An Overpayment?

It can be said that an overpayment is not common to happen. But, if there are some mistakes or errors in your unemployment  filling, you might need to pay back the benefits. You can win the appeal if you have a strong reason to prove your case.

If You Are Quit The Job

If the case is you are quit from the job, you have to deliver the most acceptable reason to the judge. For example, you have accepted another job, your family asks you to keep from the job because of some crucial things, your worksite is unsafe, or other “good causes” that can be accepted.

If You Are Fired

If you are fired, your former employer must give some evidence that you have done some mistakes. The following are some misconducts that allow an employer to fire an employee:

  • If you are late or absentfrom the work frequently
  • You refuse a reasonable thing from the employer
  • You were dishonest
  • You got involved in violence

How Do I Write An Appeal Letter?

You have to state your reason and convince that you have a right to not repay the overpayment. Below is an example to make an unemployment overpayment  appeal letter:

Dear Mr. Louis

The Labor Department sent me a notice on December 20, 2020, which states that my former employer file an appeal for my unemployment benefits. It’s stated that I have to pay back the payment. I have attached some required documents to appeal the decision. I object to that appeal, and I have used all my money to pay all of my living expenses. I am still looking for a job and having no saving to repay the money.

On July 12, 2020, my former employer fired me and replace my job position with his son. At that time, I applied for an unemployment benefit which has been accepted by the Labor Department. I have witnesses who are willing to testify that my former employer fired me just to get his son into my  former position. For this reason, I ask for a formal hearing and look ahead to your decision.



Alexandria Hammington

That’s all our brief description of an unemployment overpayment appeal letter and its sample. Hope it can help you to get a new idea.



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