Missed Appointment Letter and Sample

Missing an appointment for your health care can be stressful. Besides, missed appointments cost a lot of things for the professionals, from preparation, time, and of course money. If you are missing an appointment, you might end up getting a higher charge compared to other clients. This is why writing a missed appointment letter is important to let the professional understand and prepared for something else.

Can You Get Charged When Missing An Appointment?

Under certain law, you might get charged if you miss the appointment. The business typically includes a policy if you miss the appointment. Typically, this is included in the business website too. Typically, if you cancel your appointment, you must be able  to provide the following things:

  • Reasons why you canceled your booking. This must be shown by using the missed appointment letter. Therefore, the professional can fulfill your slot with another client.
  • You might get some charges if the reasons are not acceptable.

Why Do You Need To Write A Missed Appointment Letter?

Writing a missed appointment letter allows you to give a reasonable excuse for not attending the appointment. Furthermore, you have to take on responsibilities such as paying the canceling fees and convince the professionals that such a thing will never happen again in the future.

How To Write A Missed Appointment Letter?

There are some aspects you must include in this letter such as:

  • Apologizing to the professionals that you will be missing the appointment.
  • Taking all the consequences.
  • Explaining the events that made you cancel the appointments.
  • Make your letter sound formal and use understandable words.

Missed Appointment Letter Example

Dear Mr. Hagrit

This letter is written to inform you that you missed your appointment with Dr. Rebeca scheduled for December 6, 2020. We fully understand that sometimes patients are having something that requires them to leave the appointments. We always require patients to cancel the visit within 24 before the visit is scheduled.

We believe that your missing appointment prevents us to give you the best treatments. Besides, when appointments are missed, we cannot run a successful business and this also lets our professional sit and wait to wait for you to come instead of helping other patients who might have needed it more.

According to our record, this is your fourth time you missed the appointments. Therefore, we waived the fees of your 1st and 2nd appointments. Unfortunately, we cannot waive it for the remaining appointments because it is not covered by the insurance.

We value our patients, therefore we schedule the appointments carefully to provide the best treatments. Please call our office at (4444)564-565 to reschedule the appointments.



Officer Manager

Eris Dental Office


The missed appointment letter can be written by the office manager to maintain the relationship between the patients and doctors. The letter should consist of positive statements too to avoid misunderstanding between the health center and patients. Besides, note that patients are also the most important thing to make the business successful, make sure you don’t make resentful comments in the letter.


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