Rescind Resignation Letter And Its Example You Can Implement

If you already notify your employer about your resignation from the company but you have another thought about it, you still have a chance to consider your decision by hand in a rescind resignation letter. This will be the most professional way to get your job back, but it will have no guarantee on it. Check this rescind resignation letter we have provided below.

Is It Good To Take Back Resignation?

It depends on your accomplishments toward the company. You may have a big chance to get your position back afterward. If you have a good relationship with your employer or either your colleagues, then it can be an opportunity for you to be accepted.

Is It Normal To Regret Quitting Your Job?

Most people likely to regret a decision if they decide it without consideration or weighing any other options. It such a crucial thing, when you are in hard circumstances to choose a decision in quitting a job and this is a common thing for ordinary people who had a problem and doubtful. You may retract your resignation by sending this kind of letter to your employer.

How Do I Write A Rescind Resignation Letter?

You should conscious about asking for a rescind resignation letter means you do an embarrassing thing, therefore you should write your letter professionally. To prove your seriousness, use the formal language to whom it should be sent. Pay attention to grammar and spelling, moreover this regarding your first decision and this will be the only chances to get your job back. Provide a brief explanation about your reason, contact details, and signature. In the last part, send it to your employer as soon as possible.

Rescind Resignation Letter Example

This example below is editable, you may be inspired by looking at this example to make a new one.

Dear Mr. Jean,

I would like to rescind my resignation from my position as a supervisor at G Company through this letter to retract my resignation which I gave you on February 22, 2012. I was planned to move to another company beforehand, but by considering another aspect that I change my mind to stay at this company. I hope this will not cause any inconvenience to the company.

I hope that my history in this company can be a consideration. In the past three months, I make a great difference in some aspects and help to gain an award for the store I managed. I promise I would continue my good work toward the company and would keep up the good things if I get my job back. I would love to receive your response through (123)-123-1234 or by email at

I have enjoyed my time working with people at G Company and I truly wish to be able to continue working there. I look forward to seeing the others. If it is not possible, I still wish them all success in the future. Thank you for your understanding.


Mane Foster
ABC Company


That is a short explanation of the letter. Hope that it can give you some inspiration to make another one.



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