Resignation Letter Due to Relocation And Example

Relocation is another reason to be accepted by the company. If you are in this case, you might want to write a resignation letter due to relocation. This letter will help you make a smoother transition between you and the company. Check some tips and examples of this letter below.

Is Relocation A Good Reason To Leave The Company?

Indeed, the company usually accepts the resignation due to this reason blindly. However, it doesn’t mean you need to use this reason only to move to another company. It will be better if you are honest about why you want to quit.

can You Change Your Mind After Resignation Letter?

The company has no obligation to accept your cancellation of the resignation letter. However, when you do this, you might look like a person who does not commit to your job. Besides, your company might be in the preparation of new hiring. Therefore, it is better if you stick with your plan as this also will destroy your reputation. Even though your company might accept your cancelation, it is better to think about everything before filing a resignation letter.

can You Send Your Resignation Letter Via Email?

Even though a resignation letter due to relocation is more acceptable to be delivered in person, certain conditions make it impossible, so you prefer sending it by email. For example, if your manager is abusive and you feel unsafe so you have no option in sending the letter except the email.

How To Send A Resignation Letter Via Email?

Giving two weeks’ notice is a standard thing to do before officially quitting your job. If your situation makes it impossible to go to the office, then giving notice might not be effective. The best thing is to meet your manager to help him or her understands your situation.  Also, check your employment contract and check any regulations on how to quit your job.

What to include in the email’s resignation notice

There are some elements you must include in the resignation notice such as the date of the resignation, your paycheck, questions about benefits and compensations, and how the company can contact you.

Resignation Letter Due To Relocation’s Example

Dear  Mr. Dereck,

I am writing the letter to inform you that this is the official two-week notice of my upcoming resignation starting from January 3, 2021, due to my relocation to New York. The last day of my service will be January 2, 2021. Therefore, please accept my resignation. I regret that I have to take this decision, but I am very grateful for the opportunities.

I am willing to help the transition if it is needed. I will do as much as I can to finish the remaining task during these last two weeks and also transfer it to other eligible staff. If you need to discuss this, please contact me at (444)4545-4545 or at my email

I am looking forward to the future and of course, I will miss the ABC company. I have learned and gained a lot from my wonderful experience here. I wish the company and all staff the best. I hope will cross the same path in the future. Thank you for your consideration.




Alena Derreck

Telemarketing Representative

ABC Company

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