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Catering Resume Samples and Tips to Make the Best Resume

Have you done taking your caterer schools and want to be caterer soon? Do not be worried if you want to start your career as a caterer, but don’t have any experience in making a catering resume before. You can analyze from the samples of resumes below.

Catering Director Resume

Catering service is the most service that has been looked at by most people in the world, especially if they have some special occasions, like wedding, family events, gathering, business marketing events, business gathering, etc.

Example of Caterer Resume

Every time you are confused and lost in writing an interesting resume, you can always pick the catering resume sample. Check the example below.

Roberta John


Personal Statement

  • Excellent in performing and do multi-tasking in high enforcement working environment with high efficiency and highly organized.
  • Having strong problem-solving and creativity skills.
  • Astounding relationship-building skills and customer service with general public affairs and internal clients.
  • Proficient in social media including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Able to work well in teamwork or work independently.
  • High knowledge in using Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

Working Experience

Caterer (April 2010 – August 2016)

JJ Corporation, Alabama


  • Coordinating meet and greet events for Interviewing Chief Executive applicants
  • Working closely with the Catering Chef and Executive Chef to conduct the proper plans to make sure the highest point of customer satisfaction can be achieved
  • Providing catering services for Saint Peak Hospital open house events
  • Providing catering services for special occasions such as VIP events and annual summer parties
  • Tearing, setting up, and organizing catering events
  • Achieving the Best Department Associate Team
  • Providing the catering services for routine events such as monthly executive meetings, administrative dining, and group gatherings

Caterer (2007 – 2010)

Delish Food Corporation, Alabama


  • Serving and setting up the food as required
  • The reason for leaving the company was because I was off work for 5 months because I was broking my leg and I also was starting to study at the college
  • Setting the tables and tearing them down after the events
  • Starting the job in June 2007 and ending in October 2010 with an hourly wage of around $120 per hour
  • Handling the catering services for important events such as wedding events

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science (2003 – 2007)

In Communications

Alabama State University, Alabama

Contact Details

Address: 7463 Eastleigh Road, Alabama

Phone   : 283 4644 5454

Email    : roberta.john@outlook.com

Website: www.robertajohn.com


  • Public Relations
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Management


  • French (Native)
  • English (Native)
  • Spanish (Professional)


  • Snowboarding
  • Reading
  • Climbing
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Ice Skating


  • Adams Smith (JJ Corporation)
  • Danish Wood (Delish Food Corporation)

Tips in Writing Catering Resume

After doing some analysis from the catering resume sample above, now you should practice to do the following things for your resume:

  1. Include your catering portfolio

The best way to make the recruiters get interested in recruiting you is by adding a catering portfolio. Include your best recipe with some tempting photos of the food that you have made.

  1. Take one online sample resume to write faster

Do not rush in making or doing anything, but if you need a resume in hurry, you can always search for some resume templates online, and use them as your model.

  1. Add resume information

You should make a profile summary with solid words and explanations to catch the chance of being recruited.

  1. Be creative

Do not get stuck in one modem you can always do the improvements with the most creative thing that you can do.

People Also Ask

How do I describe catering on my resume?

To describe catering in your resume, list the caterer’s responsibilities, such as:

  1. Assisting with the required orders
  2. Performing other catering related duties as needed
  3. Serving and preparing a meal to the guests
  4. Performing some catering side-jobs
  5. Helping and seating guests with answering phone calls as the business needs
  6. Setting the tables as required
  7. Breakdown and setting up the various stations of food

What are catering skills?

The best essential catering skills are:

  1. Good commercial acumen and business
  2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  3. Decision-making skills
  4. Ability to conduct in a fast-paced environment but still focused on the customer and client services
  5. Strong management and organization skills

How do I write a catering resume?

The best way to create catering resume is by doing the following tasks:

  1. Mention your ability to maintain and monitor quality standards
  2. Add your awareness of consumer trends, menus, and tastes
  3. List your experience of beverages and food
  4. High ability to maintain the customer care standards
  5. Deep knowledge in hygiene and food regulations, rules, and standards

The Focused Types of Catering Resume

Making catering resume with no specialization is like making a purposeless resume, so you can select one from many types below.

Catering Resume for Sales

Use the sales catering resume if you are passionate sales who know the best way to sell product. This template provides information about the responsibilities that a catering sales should do.

Catering Manager Resume

Catering Resume for Director

The director catering resume is specially made for those who have many amazing experiences and achievements as catering director. Describe all your achievements in the resume then followed by the duties you have been done as a professional catering director before.

Catering Sales Manager Resume

Catering Resume for Manager

You can only select manager catering resume template if you know exactly the good potential of you as professional and talented catering manager. Of course, you need to have special skills to support your job.

Catering Sales Resume

Catering Resume for Sales Manager

Have you been experienced in being catering sales? Then, you can try to apply as sales manager. Pick this catering resume template to assist you in making the resume.

Catering Resume for Coordinator

The coordinator catering resume is provided to enhance your knowledge about catering coordinator job. It tells all the detailed information about this position, such as the summary profile as catering coordinator, the detailed duties or tasks, and the required skills.

Catering Coordinator Resume

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