6+ Custodian Resume

The Example of Specialized Custodian Resume

Just like any other resume, if you are about to apply for a custodian position, you will need a good example of custodian resume in order to make your resume more interesting and will increase your chance to be placed in any position you are looking for.

Hospital Custodian Resume

Anyone who takes the responsibility of taking care of something is called a custodian. There are many types of custodian, such as bank custodian, school custodian, administration custodian, etc.

The Example of Custodian Resume

Before knowing more about custodian resume, here is the sample of resume that you can easily learn and follow:

Amy Smith

Personal Contact Details

Address            : 673 Yosemite Road, Alexandria, VA 233021

Home               : (736) 2368-72628

Cell                   : (736) 2368-72629

Email                : amy.smith@outlook.com

Career Objective

Now seeking a position as a custodian

Personal Summary

  • A self-motivated person with more than seven years of custodial experience, especially in university.
  • Have been working well in providing impressive custodial services in business settings and universities.
  • Besides those custodial skills, also having remarkable computer skills (Microsoft Office) that could be great additional skills as a custodian.

Work Experience

The University Of Alexandria, VA (2016 – present)


  • Clean all areas of the university (health facilities, locker rooms, restrooms, classrooms, etc.)
  • Vacuum and disinfect the furniture, windows, and carpets
  • Handle the removal of the trash with the proper procedures
  • Coordinate, schedule, perform and direct the custodial maintenance of the area

Santa Cruz Management, CA (2013 – 2016)

Senior Custodian

  • Supervised the junior employees (starting from hiring, development, training, and also evaluation)
  • Operate, direct, and perform all the cleaning service along with the team

University of Santa Cruz, CA (2010 – 2013)


  • Performing customer service skills with coworkers, students, and management
  • Awesome specialized in 3M cleaning procedures working
  • Providing comprehensive custodial services for all the area of the university
  • Having great organization skills such as efficient cleaning and time management, since needed to work well under pressure
  • Maintain and operate the cleaning equipment such as washers, vacuum cleaners, and buffers.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Great ability to work safely and efficiently in any dangerous environment
  • Deep-in knowledge about the safety of chemicals according to the regulations
  • Impressive ability to do hard physical activities such as climbing, standing, bending, or lifting some heavy items
  • Remarkable ability to maintain and build a positive relationship with all the entities in the company
  • Great knowledge of the methods of cleaning procedures

Tips on Writing a Custodian Resume

Having an outstanding resume as custodian will surely help you to pursue career in this field. Here are few tips on how to make professional custodian resume:

  1. Keep it simple and focus

You have to remember most of the hiring staff only need just a few seconds to scan your resume, and they choose only the best that they think worth reading. That’s why you need to make your resume focus and to the point.

  1. Make a customized resume

Yes, a resume is always needed when you apply for any job or position, and this is the reason why you need to make a customized resume that’s suitable for the career you want to pursue. You can make your own resume based on your needs and purposes.

  1. Download and follow any sample template

The last thing which can help you in making resume is by using any sample templates that you can find online.

People Also Ask

What should be on a custodian resume?

Of course, you need to put your contact details on the custodian resume. But then, what else? Well, put also your work proficiencies, such as:

  1. Keeping the closets and restrooms organized and clean
  2. Sanitize and disinfects all the facilities
  3. Handling the lighting repairs
  4. Maintaining and cleaning the floors
  5. Removing the ice, snow, or water from parking lots and walkways

What is the difference between a custodian and a janitor?

Basically, both janitor and custodian have similar responsibilities and job desk. A janitor usually works at a specific time (it could be at nighttime or daytime), and specific locations (such as only in the restroom areas, or pool area, or parking lots area, or classrooms, etc.) Meanwhile, custody usually works in a wider area. They have bigger responsibilities than the janitors. Besides cleaning and maintaining the area they work on, they usually need to develop other skills like electrical, plumbing, or even painting.

What is a school custodian job description?

Just like any other custodian job description, a school custodian takes the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning the school area. Besides making sure all the area, furniture, building, and pieces of equipment of the school are clean and well-maintained, a school custodian also needs to be always be prepared about the cleaning equipment and tools.

Experienced Custodian Resume

You can use the experienced custodian resume template if you are an experienced custodian who has remarkable work experiences. After input your work experience, you can also list the training or any professional development program that you have been attended.

Resume for Hospital Custodian

Having impressive work experience as a hospital custodian is not good enough to make your custodian resume more interesting. Try to use this template to radiate your amazing personal as a custodian.

Lead Custodian Resume

The Resume for School Custodian

This custodian resume is the perfect choice for you who want to pursue career as a school custodian. You can use this template and fill in your details according to your profile.

School Custodian Resume

Resume for Lead Custodian

If you are a highly remarkable custodian who has great experience working as a lead custodian and willing to develop your career as a lead custodian, you can download and try to use lead custodian resume template.

Sample Chronlogical ustodian Resume Template

Resume for Entry-Level Custodian

The entry-level custodian resume template is great if you just graduate and want to step into this field. You can easily write your details in this template, although this is your very first time making a resume.

Entry Level Custodian Resume

That’s all the information about the custodian. After knowing the details that you need to know about this field, you can easily choose the best custodian resume template and sample. Then just download and use it for your need.

Free Sample Custodian Resume


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