5+ Mechanic Resume Templates

Free Mechanic Resume Templates and Examples

When you need the example of mechanic resume, you can find a lot of examples that you need the most below. These are the ones for you to download as they are freen and they surely will help you in making the best resume for everyone.

Auto Mechanic Resume

Before you jump to the templates, there will be example as well. This example is in the right format and content, so you can use it right now and make your own resume. Do not worry about charging or anything since these are all completely for free. Let’s check the example below.

The Example of Mechanic Resume


Name: Oscar Island

Email: oscarisland@mail.me

Phone: 28156-31816

Address: Yoda 72 St, Ball, 2871

At a Glance

  • Skilled mechanic who has been working for more than 10 years.
  • Good in many skills of mechanic-related field and having been trained for more than a decade to fix things up, including for trucks, automobiles, and other types of four-wheeled vehicles.
  • Great in providing leadership and problem-solving as well.

The Education Background

Berk High School, Graduated 2007, GPA 3.4

Automotive Technology School of Berk, GPA 3.5, Associate of Applied Science, Graduated 2011

The Certification

Registered Technician and Mechanic for Cars, 2012, The Government of Berk

Work History

2011-2016, George Jr. Cars and trucks, Technician


  • Establishing service and repair on cars
  • Leading service and achieving goals each month
  • Conducting automotive inspections
  • Repairing broken vehicle
  • Inspection Broken Engines and transmission

2016-2019, Thomas Cars Garage, Senior Technicians


  • Replacing parts of vehicle
  • Ordering spare parts
  • Understanding calibration and machinery inspections
  • Auto mechanic check

2018-Ongoing, The Government of Berk, Senior Technicians


  • Located and removing parts
  • Training staff
  • Maintaining the checking schedule
  • Making deals and appointments

Hard Skills

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • System Repairs
  • Part Managing Technique
  • Equipment and Spare part installation
  • Part Replacement
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Procedural Maintenance
  • Calibration and Checkups

Soft Skills

  • Time-Management
  • Team Working
  • Communication
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Problem-Solving

How to Write a CV for a Mechanic Job?

To write a good mechanic resume, just follow these steps. These are the steps you should take to make sure the resume is going to be absolutely well-written. There will be plenty of people that get impressed by your resume for sure:

  1. First, you need to download the correct mechanic resume templates or example, depending on what you need.
  2. Open the resume template on the correct program, such as in Microsoft Word
  3. Edit the resume and make sure you have prepared your data beforehand.
  4. Add in your contact information
  5. Add in your history of education
  6. List of working experienced completed by the duties
  7. Complete the resume by listing your skill
  8. Add your signature and you are done.

People Also Ask

What responsibilities do mechanics have?

The responsibilities of a mechanic are basically to fix things up. Yes, when people need a mechanic, they want their broken vehicle to get back to normal, so they can ride it again. All you need to write on the mechanic resume is that the job description of mechanic is to fix the things up.

You can also add a lot of other things in the list. The job is including towing vehicle to the replacement places and to get rid of broken parts or replace the old parts of vehicle to the new parts. Write them all up on the mechanic resume, so your resume will look good and readable.

What should a mechanic put on a resume?

A good resume should put all the skills and detail information on the resume. It is including the information that you need to know about where you get the degree of automotive, as well as your work history. Work history is particularly needed because this is where you get the plus point.

If you have tons of experience, list each and every single one of them in the mechanic resume. This is the only way you can show off your skill and this is where you get the label on experienced mechanic. Thus, you will get the job way more easily.

What are mechanic skills?

For your information, the skills of mechanic that people need to write on their mechanic resume include the ability to check vehicle, replacing its parts, getting issues and bugs fixed, getting the vehicle towed, and everything else. It is all needed to be well-written on the resume.

The Resume for Aircraft Mechanic Template

In fact, the aircraft mechanic is a big job and everyone knows that. You can download the resume now, and make sure you download the correct template, so making one is not going to be so hard for you.

Resume for Auto Mechanic Template

Auto mechanic works with cars. To make sure the mechanic resume is correct, you need an example. This is definitely the example that you have to own.

Aviation Mechanic Resume

Resume for Auto machine Mechanic Template

This is the resume for automachine. You have to download this one as it is for free and everyone can apply it for a job as automachine technicians.

Resume for Aviation Mechanic Template

Aviation mechanics work in aircraft workshop and places like that. This is a serious job and everyone who needs to apply for a job like this will have to download the mechanic resume, and get the resume done right now.

Diesel Mechanic Resume

Resume for Diesel Mechanic Template

Are you interested in getting a job as diesel mechanic? If you are, this is the template to download and copy. It has everything you should write to get the job properly at all time.

Basic Mechanic CV Template

As we know, to write a good mechanic resume, you need a good example as well. This is the one for you to download. Do not forget to download this one as it has everything that you need to know and to write on the particular document. This will help you out.

Aircraft Mechanic Resume Auto Mechanic Resume Template

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