Editable Disability Appeal Letter (Plus Example)

Most applications are rejected on the first occasion when they are submitted. Regularly, applications are denied because they are deficient or the data was not precise. If you wind up in this position, you can advance the choice. The advances cycle’s initial phase is composing a disability appeal letter to the SSA (Social Security Administration). Check this article to make the underlying choice be turned around.

What Should You Write in The Disability Appeal Letter?

Your letter must be written in a particular way. Significantly, you follow this configuration if you need to be approved. The highest point of the letter ought to contain two snippets of data:

  • Name (Your Name)
  • Identity Number

It is significant for you to remember these two snippets of data if the letter gets isolated from your allure structure.

Additional Tips That You Need to Put In The Letter

  • Read your letter carefully
  • Add missing information
  • Pay attention to the mistake
  • Complete the required information


The Example Of Disability Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. Blake,

My name is Jessica, I make this letter to claim my refusal for incapacity benefits dated January 20, 2019. I applied because I have not been able to keep up employment since my medical procedure to eliminate a mind tumor nearly two years prior. I have made a decent attempt to work. However, my vision is obscured, and my glasses don’t help; my deftness is helpless, which keeps me from driving a vehicle, and I have gigantic trouble focusing on errands that are allotted to me. As a final, I applied for a handicap since I have two kids, and my significant other doesn’t bring in enough cash as a messenger to help all of us. We have needed to acquire some money from family for a few months to pay our lease and utilities.

I have appended my clinical records demonstrating the harm never really mind from the threatening tumor and the reliable medicines. Additionally appended are aftereffects of tests indicating my strange cerebrum capacities which have influenced my talent, vision, and ability to think. There is also a letter from my doctor clarifying that I can’t work as he would see it. I have incorporated my significant other’s W-2 structure, too demonstrating his pay a year ago and the number of hours he worked.

If it’s not too much trouble, reexamine my handicap guarantee that you denied on September 20, 2013, utilizing this extra data. I might want nothing in a better way than to work, yet my endeavor throughout the previous two years has been ineffective. Thank you for your attention.


Jessica S. Roue

First Grade, ABC High School


At least, a disability appeal letter is a wise choice for you to support your life starting from now. Do not hesitate. It is not too late for positive changes!








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