Financial Aid Appeal Letter For Bad Grades With Example You Can Implement

This letter’s purpose is to get an appeal for the bad grades that the student had caused by some unexpected illness or excessive partying. A poor grade average can make a student losing financial assistance or scholarships. In this case, this financial aid appeal letter can help the student to grant a second chance to fix the performance.

Tips And Tricks About How To Write Financial Aid Appeal Letter For Bad Grades

  • Write your letter in a formal form.
  • Clearly explain any extenuating circumstances you had during your bad performance.
  • Include a reason, and if it is possible along with the evidence.
  • Follow all rules and guidelines when submitting an appeal letter according to your university.

What Makes An Appeal Letter Become Good?

Ensure the letter should as factual as it was. State all the things that make your grade falling, include all the reasons that probably caused your poor performance, and also include the proof to make your letter stay credible. Remember to keep your honesty in writing this letter, therefore, it should be worth it for you to continue your opportunity to grant financial assistance. Write your statement in chronological order.

An Example Of Financial Aid Appeal Letter For Bad Grades

It is very common to use an unexpected illness or injury for students who had a bad performance during their study that caused a decline in grade point averages. This example is from a student who had pneumonia during the semester and hospitalized for a few weeks. This is being a reason why she had a low-grade point average because she cannot join the lesson.

Dear Dr. Vince,

Along with this letter, I would like to appeal the loss of my financial aid due to the bad grades I had experienced with a brief explanation of my extenuating circumstances. I had a cold which eventually turned into pneumonia in the last month. I tried to keep going but my body could not handle the condition, until I collapsed on November 20 during my course 1 class and was transported to the local hospital with the help of my friends.

I was diagnosed with pneumonia in my right lung, stayed in the hospital for the next 14 days. Upon being discharged on December 4, I was so weak until my parents took me home for a few days. I returned to class on December 7 and found that I was extremely behind in my courses.

Although I did work hard since I am pre-med and, therefore, have a very challenging schedule including course 1, course 2, course 3, and course 4. I passed all of my classes with a C score which caused my grade point averages to drop to 2.7 which lower than the 3.0 minimum to maintain my financial aid. I am completely recovered now and I will assure you that, if given one more opportunity this semester, I will raise my grade to over 3.0. I have attached all required appeal forms and looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance.


Ariel Plume


In conclusion, hope this article could help you in understanding this financial aid appeal letter. Don’t hesitate to edit the example. Good luck!


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