Trustee Resignation Letter And Other Tips You Need To Know

Regardless of the board of trustee are not paid, for some of you, being a board trustee is an honor. They get a lot of respect as they help to monitor the organization. However, there are times that you are forced to choose and you have to resign from your position. On this page, we will discuss how to write a trustee resignation letter professionally.

What Are Tips To Quit From A Board Of Trustee?

Even though you are a board of trustees and are generally not paid, but it doesn’t mean you are not compensated. Writing the trustee resignation letter will help you prevent the hard feeling and burning the bridge. People prefer seeing you do it professionally which shows that you have integrity. here are tips you might want to follow:

Be professional

It is as same as other organizations. You must treat it the same way with a professional resignation letter. If you prefer using the email, make sure to add your signature, and also your contact.

Give the early notice

Giving an early date or notice in your resignation letter will help the organization do the transition. It also states that you are not a coward.

Explain it

You don’t have to go through a lot of detail about your resignation letter. Just do it straight forward and then explain briefly the reason you are quitting.

Always say thank you

Being a trustee of the board is also a valuable experience. You have learned a lot of new things and skills. Always say thank you to the members and make sure to keep your tone positive. In the future, they might be still interacting with you for another purpose.

Offer some help

Additionally, it is always a good thing to offer some help. It is a good gesture to help them in your maximum capacity.

Trustee Resignation Letter Example You Might Need To Know

Dear Mr. Siboon,

I would like to inform you that this is my official early resignation notice as a board of trustees in the ABC Company. I will be resigning from my position starting on January 12, 2021. Therefore due to my health problem, please accept my resignation letter.

Please let me know if I can be an assistant about responsibilities. You could reach me by phone at (666)6666-666 or by email at (565)556-556. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

My time as the board of trustees has been wonderful. I have learned various things and I am grateful for it. I regret that I have to resign from my position because I need to focus on my help. I wish you all the best and I hope we will cross another path in the future. Thank you for your cooperation during my trusteeship, I appreciate it.

Yours Sincerely,


Farida Kahlo

Being a board of trustees is an honorable job. Even though you are not officially included in every organization’s decision, it is important to treat it as other organizations such as writing the trustee resignation letter. It doesn’t cost a lot of time to do it.

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