10+ Graduation Invitation Template in Photoshop Free Download

Graduation Invitation Template and What to Understand About It

Graduation is one of the most important events in someone’s life. Well, that is why people will make some invitations to celebrate it. For those who want to make the invitation for graduation, there is the graduation invitation template that can be a helper to create it in easier ways.

Through the template, of course, making a graduation invitation can be finished in minutes. Yes, you do not need to make it from a blank document. All you need to do with the PSD template free is personalizing the information inside it with the detailed information that you want to share.

What to Include Inside a Graduation Invitation?

The graduation invitation is a piece of paper to invite some special friends and families to attend the graduation celebration. Through the example PSD design, we are sure that you can find the basic scheme of the graduation invitation to ease the process of making it.

However, you still need to know what matters to be included inside it. Yes, some matters to be included inside a graduation invitation are:

  • Full name

A graduation invitation is a formal document. That is why you need to write your full name there. Through the full name, the target of the invitation can know who you are.

  • Name of university, college, or school

The name of the university, college, or school also should be mentioned inside the graduation invitation. This point is quite crucial since it can be a way to show the alma mater.

  • Detailed time

The next thing to be mentioned inside a graduation invitation is the detailed time. You may see the template free PSD in making a graduation invitation. There is a space to write the time, date, and location of the graduation celebration.

Some points as above can be the basic matters to be written inside a graduation invitation. However, for more detailed parts of this invitation option, see the samples, and follow the scheme.

Making a Graduation Invitation Using Canva

To find many samples of the free PSD template to make a great graduation invitation, you can install Canva and use this app. Yes, this app is very useful. Besides providing many ideas of invitation designs, it offers an easy way to process your document.

Some ways to be followed when you want to make a good graduation invitation using Canva are:

  • Install the Canva application through Google Play or App Store and then make your official account
  • After it, open the app and then select the design type of invitation
  • Choose the best-designed layouts based on what you want. Inside the app, those are hundred professionally designed layouts that can be considered
  • Personalize the information of the basic graduation invitation. You also can upload your photo to maximize the result of graduation invitation creation. Or, you may choose the image from the stock. Those are more than 1 million photos to be considered
  • Fix your images, and then add the stunning filter and edit the detailed text to finish it
  • Save the edited scheme of the graduation invitation and then share or you can print it

Well, on Canva, you can find both the business card template PSD free and graduation invitation template. Scroll the samples and find the best template to ease you in creating the document!

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