Job Abandonment Termination Letter And Example

An employee who fails to perform work in the early days of working will disrupt the company’s productivity. Some companies fire absentee employees when they fail to perform works on the first day. Some others have loosened rules. If you are seeing this happening in your business, probably you want to consider the job abandonment termination letter. This is a perfect way to terminate a contract between the company and employees who have no willingness in following the company’s standards.

How Can You Say That A job Abandonment Occurs?

Job abandonment occurs when the employees fail to work as expected schedules and have no effort in returning for the job or even notifying the employers. In this case, the employers must provide policies to define how many days someone has abandoned the job. In this way, the employers can have standard absentee that they are allowed to terminate the contract.

can Employers Terminate The Contract When Employees Didn’t Show Up In the Workplace?

Employers have every right to terminate the contract between them and employees when the employees consistently fail to who up at work. This issue will disrupt the company’s productivity and schedules. However, there are some conditions an employer is allowed to fire. If an employee fails to show reasonable reasons for not being able to show up at work, and the employer has been sent a warning, then this is a good thing to terminate the contract before the disruption goes too far. Firing an employee at this early time will be much better as you can get prepared for the next hiring. Furthermore, you can find the proper candidate and reach your goal soon.

Can An Employee Get Fired For Being Sick?

Many employees don’t take sick days to leave because they are afraid of losing their jobs. In some states, an employee is said to have “at-will” which means they can leave the company at any time they want, and the employer can fire them anytime too. Other companies make some rules that require employees to have sick-leave with a letter from doctors. This is normal for the company to terminate the contract when it is disrupting the company’s productivity.

How To Write A Job Abandonment Termination Letter?

Writing a termination letter is a good way to end a contract between the company and employee without ruining the relationship between them. Here is an example of a term contract that you might like to use as inspiration:

Dear Ms. Sally

I am writing this letter to inform you that on December 8, 2020, your employment with Global Company Inc. has been terminated. Ms. Elena the supervising manager has reported that you didn’t show up to work and didn’t finish any task assigned to you in 7 days, nor, you didn’t make any effort to inform the manager of the reasons why you abandoned the job. Due to this reason, we have considered that you have abandoned your position that this affects the company’s performance.

Please reach me at (222) 3225-222 to do some arrangements about the company’s property return. Our records indicate that you are using the company’s laptop, cell phone, and credit cards.

According to our company’s policy, you are not entitled to accept a severance package. During this week, you will receive mail that explains detail about this term including the healthcare coverage.

We understand that you might have not been able to report your circumstances to the management. If you fall into this case, you are welcomed to file a letter of appeal with a reliable source.




Richard Bronson

HR Manager

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