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How to Make the Professional Lawyer Resume

As we know, being a lawyer is a big challenge. If you want to be a lawyer and thinking hard about how to get this position, you can start with making a great lawyer resume.

Personal Injury Lawyer Resume Template

Of course, to have the lawyer resume, you must upgrade yourself to be suitable to fill the lawyer position. Besides taking law school, you must have lawyer skill, as well as learn the other academic and non-academic achievements in the laws field.

Example of Lawyer Resume

Here is the sample of lawyer resume to help you know how it looks like:

Earl Greatbin


Personal Contacts

Address            : 23 Abbledom Boulevard, North Shore, Florida

Phone               : 8387 8773 6349

Email                : earl.greatbin@outlook.com

LinkedIn            : linkedin.com/earl.greatbin


  • Highly motivated lawyer with more than 5 years of experience working in the law industry.
  • Having valuable law skills, such as persuasive skills and communication skills which will help the company to grow bigger.
  • Seeking to enhance the knowledge and experience in the law industry by working as a lawyer.

Educational Background

Master of Arts (2013 – 2015)

Saint Abbledom University, Florida

Bachelor of Arts (2009 – 2013)

Saint Abbledom University, Florida

High School (2006 – 2009)

Abbledom High School, Florida

Professional Experience

Lawyer (2018 – Present)

Florida Court

Responsible for assisting clients in court with any illegal and legal transactions in Florida (either in criminal and civil)

Lawyer (2015 – 2018)

Abbledom Legal

Responsible for assisting clients in court with minor cases in Abbledom


  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Attention to details
  • Analytical
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Logical reasoning
  • Persuasiveness
  • Excellent knowledge of laws
  • Well-organized

Tips on Writing a Lawyer Resume

Moreover, you must know the tips on writing lawyer resume. Here are the important things you have to consider:

  1. Always put your personal information at the top of resume to make your chance to be seen is bigger than other candidates.
  2. Make sure to include educational background and professional experience since these things are the main important parts of your lawyer resume
  3. Highlight your skills that relevant to the law industry.

People Also Ask

How do I write a lawyer’s resume?

To make your own lawyer resume, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure in what position you want to apply form
  2. Focus on your strength (achievements, awards, honors, etc.)
  3. Include your profile statement as a resume objective.
  4. Use strong and active verbs.
  5. Highlight your law skills.
  6. Mention your career goal.
  7. Put only the information that’s relevant to the position you are applying form
  8. Do not over-design your resume.

What should we call a law degree?

Every school in every job/field always has the unique and interesting name of degree. Of course, a law degree has its own name, just like any other field. Juris Doctor is the name of the law degree, and it is usually needed for any professionals who pursue and seek a bright future in law industry.

How do you improve and upgrade your legal CV?

Being a professional who is constantly searching for the best future and career, you must be required to write CV, and constantly upgrade it. If you ever wonder how to upgrade your lawyer CV, here are the hints:

  1. Use a simple layout
  2. Use a clear background
  3. Include your professional profile
  4. Delete any irrelevant information
  5. Mention your objective in professional profile
  6. Include your interests and hobbies
  7. Put your achievements in the law industry
  8. Include the duties details in your professional experience

Free PDF Professional Lawyer Resume Template

Well, you can have lawyer resume in PDF format. Just edit this template with any PDF software. If you use this free template, you don’t have to change the layout setting.

Free PDF Criminal Defense Lawyer Resume

If you have remarkable writing skills and want to show them on your resume, use this template. You can be guided on how to write your work experience history in a great story that includes every detail of your past achievements as well as accomplishments while you work in the law industry as criminal defense lawyer.

Free PDF Junior Lawyer Resume

You can easily use this junior resume template if you are confused about how to start writing your own resume as a lawyer. Put your previous work experience as a junior lawyer, both in the qualification summary and in the work experience section.

Free PDF Corporate Lawyer Resume

The corporate lawyer resume template will enable you to give any detailed information about yourself as a professional corporate lawyer. In addition, you can also include educational background and work experience.

Free PDF Personal Injury Lawyer Resume

Do you fall in love with the law industry and want to pursue the bigger future in this field? Use this personal injury lawyer resume template. After putting your most recent photo profile, you will need to include personal contacts. At the end of the resume, add your employment experience, and write a brief description of what you did in the previous job.

Personal Injury Lawyer Word Format Resume

Besides PDF format that’s previously explained, there is also Word format as well. Use this template if you are more familiar with the Microsoft Word software than any PDF software. You can also easily edit and delete the unnecessary part of this template.

Free PDF Immigration Lawyer Resume

If you are a lawyer who has a big passion for social issues, such as immigration, this template is the perfect choice for you. After giving the details of your personal information in this resume, write also your details in working experiences.

Free Word Real Estate Lawyer Resume

The real estate lawyer resume template is a bit different than any other type. In this template, you are needed to give the details about your area of expertise as this section will help your recruiter to know what kind of a professional lawyer are you, so they know the right position that’s most suitable for you.





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