10+ Construction Resume Template

The Examples of Construction Resume Template

Writing a construction resume might be hard for you since there are not so many resume samples in this field. Knowing this situation, you may need the reliable example of construction resume template.

construction resume examples

In fact, the construction industry will never go down, and many people pursue their career in this field. Take a look at the example below if you want to have a job in construction industry.

The Common Example of Construction Resume

Mark Styles

Contact Details

Address            : 2 Appletown Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Phone               : 0829 2289 7782

Email                : mark.styles@live.com

Career Goal: Senior Construction

Profile Summary

  • A reliable construction who is seeking a full-time job in the construction industry as a senior construction.
  • Having great knowledge of remodeling technique, construction building, construction material, construction equipment, and tools, because of remarkable working experience as construction for more than 3 years with high performance.
  • Having in-depth knowledge in many types of construction methods, OSHA compliance, and site safety.

Personal Skills

  • Demolition
  • Trim & tile work
  • Handicap
  • Appliances & cabinets installation
  • Teamwork
  • Doors & windows installation
  • Painting
  • Drywall & insulation work
  • Siding & roofing
  • Hardscaping/patio
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Basic math
  • Customer relations
  • Unloading & Loading
  • Multitasking
  • Machines operations and maintenance
  • Materials management

Professional Experience

Construction (2018 – Present)

Buffalo Group, New York

  • Preparing and clearing the construction plan to minimize the possible hazards
  • Analyzing the construction plan with evaluating the labor and the materials

Construction Helper (2016 – 2018)

JJ Construction, Dallas, TX

  • Assisting the construction in performing the construction building
  • Assisting the construction in making the project plan
  • Assisting the construction in evaluating the prior plan

Educational Background

Diploma in Architecture (2012 – 2015)

Dallas College, TX

High School Diploma (2009 – 2012)

Appletown High School, Los Angeles


  • Trade Certification (2020)
  • Red Seal Certification (2019)

How to Make Awesome Construction Resume

No matter what field of career that you are into, you are required to have a reliable resume to get accepted in the position you are looking for. Here is how to make the resume:

  1. Use the interesting design and layout: the interesting layout and design of resume will be the first thing that your recruiters see when they are fast scanning the resumes.
  2. Do not use passive and weak verbs or words.
  3. Show your relevant achievements and skills.
  4. Update your resume constantly

People Also Ask

What should I include in my construction resume?

Basically, the content of resume is quite the same each other. A good resume should contain:

  1. No grammatical error
  2. The relevant keywords
  3. Relevant working experience as professionals
  4. Relevant educational background
  5. Relevant achievements and skills

What are the best construction skills?

Construction is a field job that requires many physical and non-physical skills, such as:

  1. Communication
  2. Teamworking and team building
  3. Physical endurance and strength
  4. Willingness to study and learn
  5. Basic math skills
  6. Strong reading
  7. Construction building knowledge
  8. Engineering knowledge
  9. Electricity knowledge
  10. Hand-eye coordination and dexterity
  11. Administrative skills
  12. Technical skills

How do you write a CV for construction?

In making CV, you are required to put more details. Before making it, make sure to do some researches about the company that you are targeting to. In addition, do not send your same CV to a lot of recruiters at the same time since it will make you confuse later. You can only put the needed information. Keep the small details of your information for the interview later.

The Template for Supervisor Construction Resume

Use this supervisor construction resume template if you are a professional construction supervisor who seeks a better job in the construction field. Just edit the personal details then fill it with your information, and you are done.

Administrator Construction Resume Template

If you are passionate about the administrative field and want to try to step into the construction field, why don’t you try to be both? Yes, you can be a successful construction administrator. This administrator construction resume template is given to guide you in making your own resume.

construction resume samples

The Worker Construction Resume Template

We all know that maybe there are so many candidates who also seek this position, and you might be worried. Try to download this construction resume template and fill it with your details according to the available format. Well, this can be your first step in this competitive industry.

construction resume template

The Manager Construction Resume

Make sure to put your professional photo at the top of this manager construction resume template. It can help you to build your professional charisma. With the elegant details and design, you can catch any of recruiter’s eyes, and you will easily step into the next level: interview.

construction superintendent resume

Assistant Construction Resume Template

This assistant construction resume template can be used by any fresh graduates who seek and pursue their career after studying in the college. You can include your area of expertise and skills to help the recruiter to know more about you with this resume.

construction supervisor resume

The Management Construction Resume

The management construction resume template is perfect for anyone who is great at managing any construction project or construction plan. Although you have very impressive working experience, make sure to include your construction skills in this resume.

construction worker resume

The Coordinator Construction Resume

The next template is the coordinator construction resume template that’s perfect for you who have the skills in coordinating the construction project. After writing your expertise, write your related skills and achievements in bulleted numbers.

sample construction Management resume

The Template for Laborer Construction Resume

The last type is the laborer construction resume template which can be used by anyone who doesn’t have any relevant educational background to the construction field. To maximize your potential, include your key qualifications, professional experience, as well as the special construction skills.

Those are the things you should know about the construction field. Do not forget to use the tips and the samples of construction resume template above. Those can be the guidance to make your own incredible construction resume.

construction foreman resume construction laborer resume

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