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Getting a career in medical field is becoming harder because of the competitiveness. That’s why having a properly built and interestingly designed resume can help a lot. Below, you will find an example, writing tips, and several templates of medical assistant resumes that will save your time on formatting and structuring, and use the time to focus on the actual substance of your resume instead.

Medical Office Assistant Resume 1

The sample and templates are available for free. You may use them as useful resources to see what it takes to get noticed by the employers and secure a position in interview phase. See the provided medical assistant resumes samples below and learn how to showcase your qualifications, lay out your skills, and highlight your achievement in a way that makes you distinctive amongst other applicants.

Resume Example for Medical Assistant

Michelle Chris

1975 Hill Street

Toledo, Ohio 43615




  • A hardworking and detail-oriented individual, with extensive knowledge in medical assistance and administrative work.
  • Outstanding customer service and communication skills.
  • Seeking for obtaining medical assistant job position at New Hope Hospital.

Patient Care Skills

  • Blood pressure and vital organs checks
  • Basic laboratory tests, phlebotomy, and injections
  • Prescription descriptions
  • Medical equipment sterilization and room preparation
  • Communication with patients

Administrative Skills

  • Health records maintenance
  • Documentation and collection of patient’s informational details
  • Medical files organization
  • Technical software operation including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook

Education & Certifications

  • Medical Assisting Associate

Ohio School of Phlebotomy, Ohio, 2018

  • Certification of Dynamic Phlebotomy & CPR


Internship Experience

  • Intern of medical assistant

ProMedica Hospital, Toledo, OH

June 2017 – present

  • Record patients’ vital signs and their medical histories
  • Prepare patients for examinations, electrocardiograms, x-ray, and blood draws
  • Change patients’ dressing and remove sutures
  • Communicate medical procedure to the patients
  • Assist physicians during patients’ examination
  • Volunteer

Community Care Medical Clinic

  • Supporting the process of basic laboratory test
  • Arranged and collected lab test specimens
  • Sterilized medical equipment and disposed medical trash
  • Inform patients about medications
  • Arranged equipment and instruments in examination room

Other Capabilities

  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • Understanding in medical confidentiality and ethics

Tips to Write Resume for Medical Assistant

  1. Select the correct format. If you already have experience as medical assistant, then use chronological resume format. On the other hand, if you are an entry-level medical assistant, it is better to use functional resume format.
  2. Focus on the demanded skills of medical assistant. In medical field, there are plenty of jobs that require certain skills to be included on the resume. You may want to consider dedicating single section at the upper part of the resume to display your relevant skills to the role listed in job ads.
  3. Incorporate your certifications. It is quite common for medical assistants to pursue specialty field’s certifications like surgery or pediatrics, and these can help to make you stand out from the other job applicants. Some examples of medical assistant certifications are CCMAA, RMA, NCMA, and CMA.

People Also Ask

What is a good resume objective for medical assistant?

Here’s how you can catch the employers’ attention by using substantial objective and set apart your medical assistant resumes from other job seekers:

  • Do a research of building resume from online resources with keyword of ‘medical assistant’
  • Create a list containing common responsibilities of medical assistant
  • Identify which tasks that you are the most knowledgeable from the list
  • Put your specific list into the resume that you’re creating

What are the skills of a medical assistant?

Here are some of the most sought skills to put on your medical assistant resumes:

  • Basic medical procedures knowledge
  • Administrative skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organization and cleanliness
  • Detail-oriented
  • Time management
  • Technical skills

What is the hardest thing about being a medical assistant?

Other than daily responsibilities and tasks, the hardest parts about being medical assistant mostly related to emergencies and unexpected situation that may occur during shift – both clinically and administratively. That being said, it is very necessary to remember that such situations might appear more stressful to the untrained individual then how they are actually.

Entry-Level Medical Assistant Resume

It is still possible to show that you can be a valuable member of the team even if you have no prior job experience as medical assistance. Focus to build your medical assistant resumes based on your education, volunteer work, and skills. Here is a sample of entry-level resume for medical assistance position, that provide a guide on how to establish excellent resume to get noticed by the recruiter.

Medical Support Assistant Resume 1

Senior Certified Medical Assistant Resume

It is not enough just to have outstanding experiences, as you still need to showcase it in proper and readable format and get hired for the job position that you’re looking for. Use the medical assistant resumes to develop effective document to obtain position in the medical field.

No Experience Medical Assistant Resume

Template of Medical Assistant Resume PDF

It is important to understand that resume is a tool to create first impression on the future employer. These medical assistant resumes can help to make you and your qualifications noticeable from the rest of the job applicants, and make sure that you create the best resume possible.

Student Entry Level Medical Assistant Resume Template

Free Sample of Medical Office Assistant

The medical assistant resumes are specifically created for the industry. Combine it with great writing tips, and you have valuable resources. Download and edit this sample template document for free to practice to build your application.

Volunteer Medical Assistant Resume

Best Professional Medical Assistant Resume

A remarkable resume is required to increase your chance to land on your desired job. This is where the medical assistant resumes can help. The format and design will raise the opportunity to be noticed by recruiter and make sure that your job searching process ends up as you want it to be.

Certified Medical Assistant Resume Sample

Just because medical assistant position is growing in demand, does not mean everyone can land this job easily. Your medical assistant resumes might be unnoticed and blend with the others unless you have strategy to make it more impressive, so it is better to try to use these resume samples and see where they can bring you further into the job seeking process.

Clinical Medical Assistant Resume Example Example Medical Assistant Resume Medical Assistant Manager Resume Medical Clinical Assistant Resume

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