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Medical Curriculum Vitae Examples and Free Templates in PDF and Words

Using medical curriculum vitae template is a wise decision. As someone who works in medical field, of course you want to make sure that your CV is convincing. That is the only way to get a job in this particular industry. You want to make sure that the CV is well-written.

For most people, writing CV on their own can be very tricky. This is why templates are heavily needed. These are the templates that you can use. It offers you wide range of information and templates, so you know exactly what to put on that document.

Medical Doctor in PDF

Example of a Medical CV

Name: Mary Belle Parma

Phone: 769-186

Email: maryparma@mail.net

Resident: Oakville, HJ

Career Objective

  • Becoming a professional, registered nurse in well-end hospitals and health clinics
  • Working through the licensure for nursing specifically in childcare and pediatrician assistance
  • Getting a Master’s Degree in nursing and establish a training center for young nurses
  • Participating in research for nursing industry and healthcare for people.

Education History

Glenda High School, Oakville HJ, Graduated 2014, GPA 3.5

Nursing school and academy, Oakville HJ, Graduated 2017, summa cum laude

Certification and Licensure

Registered Nurse, Jameson Nursing and Medical Offices, 2019

Previous Job Experience

2017-2018, Assistant Nurse, Paulson Health Clinic, Oakville HJ

2018-2021, Nurse (later registered nurse), Jameson Nursing and Medical Offices, Jameson, KL

Formal Trainings

  • Nursing for Baby and Children at Hospitals, Thompson Academy, 2019
  • First Aid for Baby and Children, Jameson Nursing and Medical Offices, 2019
  • Children and Baby Heimlich’s Maneuver First Aid, Thompson Academy, 2020

Communication Skill

  • Fluent in English and French
  • Intermediate speakers of Russian and German
  • Good with children

How to Write a Medical CV?

Writing good medical curriculum vitae is not going to be easy at all when you have no clue about how to write one. All you need to do is actually keeping it all simpler. Use these tips to get the goal of producing a well-written CV.

  1. Find the best template that focuses on medical CV
  2. Make sure that the CV is not too long (2 pages at max)
  3. Focus the CV and make it as relevant as possible to the vacancy
  4. Always mention work experience in clinic or health center previously.
  5. Provide the evidence of your work experience, license and training. Certificates or references are needed here.
  6. Always provide specific information about your contact.

People Also Ask

What Should a Medical CV Look Like?

A good medical CV will have three parts to look at or to highlight. The first one is your full name or personal information. The second one is your education history and the third one is your certification and licensure. All of them will have to be there for your CV to look legit.

Full name is important because when you are a medical officer, you will have to stick to your name for a long time, changing name is a long way and it has to be followed by legally changing the certification as well. This is why they are so important to include.

Is Photo Necessary in CV?

Yes, it is. Make sure that your CV has photo of yours in it. That way, it will help the resume to look more convincing and legitimate. It has to be something mandatory, especially in the medical curriculum vitae. Photo will be needed for the recruiter to see what you look like in the first place.

Make sure that the photo is clear and it shows your face in detail. Some curriculum vitae templates also make space on the resume template for you to stick or insert your photo. So, it is perfectly clear that the resume is going to be completed by one.

How Long Should Your CV Be?

No one likes reading long CV. This is the reason why the CV for most people, especially medical curriculum vitae, is not going to be too long. Two pages are the maximum amount and it is long enough for you to insert important information already.

Doctor CV in PDF Format Template

When you are a medical practitioner or a doctor, you need to make sure the CV is going to be convincing and legitimate. This is the medical curriculum vitae template that you will have to use.

Medical Fellowship

Pediatrician Curriculum Vitae Template

This is the medical curriculum vitae example for a pediatrician or those working and dealing with children most of the time. Make sure the CV is well-written using this template as its base.

School of Medical Curriculum Vitae

Example of CV for Medical Assistant

Medical assistant is often taken for granted but they work very importantly in the industry. Use this one medical curriculum vitae template to make a good, readable CV.

Medical Officer

Medical Curriculum Vitae in Word Format

The best format for documents is Word format. The code is .doc and you can tell any files with this format are editable in Microsoft Word.

Graduate CV

CV of Medical Fellowship Template

If you need the resume for a fellowship program, this medical curriculum vitae example is your key. Take a look at it, and make sure you can make the CV exactly like that.

Medical Student 1

Curriculum Vitae for Medical Officer Template

This is the CV example for medical officer. Use this template to ease your way in writing a good CV for your future career.

Medical Assistant Curriculum Vitae

CV for Students at School of Medical

Medical students should know exactly how to write their own CV and how to make it look good. However, if it is hard, find the medical curriculum vitae example first as guideline.

Medical Technician Curriculum Vitae

Simple Medical Curriculum Vitae Template

There is no need to overcomplicate thing, including resume. Use this simple CV example to see how easy it is to write a good one.

Medical Curriculum Vitae in Word

Medical Technician CV Example

This is the resume for medical technician template. The resume or CV template is downloadable for free, so any of you working as the technician can download the medical curriculum vitae template with no cost at all.

Medical Paediatrician Curriculum Vitae

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