7+ Substitute Teacher Resumes

How to Create Substitute Teacher Resumes Referring to a Resume Sample

A successful teaching process isn’t far from something called as substitute teacher. This kind of job may be temporary, yet it’s too significant to be ignored. Planning to apply for a substitute teacher vacant job means you need to prepare your own substitute teacher resumes.

Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume

That said, knowing the nitty-gritty of making substitute teacher resume becomes the first thing to know. What’s left after that is to get your copy of resume template (if planning to use one) and customize it. But if you want to make it from scratch, understanding the essentials will be enough to help you make your resume.

Sample of Substitute Teacher Resume

Before going far with any nitty-gritty about substitute teacher resumes, take a look at this shortened version of substitute teacher resume written by someone with a prior experience as long-term substitute teacher.

Adam Jones

102 Button Road, Ohio

Phone: (218)-7726 -2819



  • Capable in maintaining and developing an effective learning environment
  • Competent to communicate effectually with outstanding monitoring skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of educational guidelines, educational policies and objectives
  • Experienced with lesson planning, and developing school curriculums

Work Experience:

Organization: Maple High School, Ohio
Duration: July 2019 – present
Designation: Long-term Substitute Teacher

Preparing a curriculum that meets the teaching objectives

In-charge for teaching activities by following the curriculum, school standards and principles

Organizing teaching materials with the teaching staff

Assisting other school staff in planning school rules and regulations; establishing staff and parent meetings

Organization: John High School Academy, Ohio
Duration: July 2018 to June 2019
Designation: Teacher Assistant

Creating an effectual classroom surrounding to obtain the school’s educational goals

Developed effective lesson plans

Offering educational aide to students on an individual level

Evaluated the students’ learning capabilities by conducting classes as well as annual tests

Tracking each students’ performance

Arranged the students’ progress reports and provided parents and the School Head Mistress updates about it

Educational Summary:

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Harvard University, April 2018


Mrs. Annie Hoffman (Headmistress of John High School Academy)

Mr. Pedro Sanchez (Principal of Maple High School)

How to Create a Great Substitute Teacher Resume

Great substitute teacher resumes don’t rely merely on a decorated resume. It is basically the one that has effective content, proper formatting, and not to forget, the data involved. It means that your credentials are equally important to a decent formatting.

To make substitute teacher resumes you will need to include your personal details, qualifications, and working experiences. If you have references, that’d be great.

People Also Ask

What skills should a substitute teacher have?

  • Teaching skills
  • Working with children
  • Class managerial skills
  • Public speaking
  • Time management

What should a substitute teacher put on resume?

It’s literally as aforementioned: personal details, qualifications, working experiences. If possible, include references as well.

What is the job description for a substitute teacher?

In general, substitute teacher will be in-charge of performing classroom management processes. This can be done for one or longer periods of time.

Types of Substitute Teacher Resume

Finding the substitute teacher resumes that resonate with your condition may not be easy. What if you try finding one from the list?

Entry Level Substitute Teacher Example Resume

If you’re looking for an entry-level substitute teacher resumes sample, it may be an indication that you still don’t have many experiences. But still, you shouldn’t worry about that. As long as your qualification is what the school is looking for, having no experiences isn’t something that you should be ashamed of.

Special Education Substitute Teacher in PDF

No Experiences Substitute Teacher Resume

Everyone comes from a condition of no experiences when it comes to working, not to forget becoming a substitute teacher. Dare yourself to admit your no-experience circumstance and promise that you’ll be doing great for the job you intend to apply for.

Primary School Substitute Teacher Resume

If working with kids has been your long-term passion, then becoming a substitute teacher for primary school can be one option that you can go to. But first, prepare yourself not only with skills for attending an interview, but you also need to tailor your resume. Make sure your substitute teacher resumes meet the requirement.

Substitute Kindergarten Teacher Resume

Resume Template for Substitute Sample Teacher

Substitute teacher resume may be similar to other kinds of resume, as it includes personal details, qualifications, skills, and working experiences. However, knowing what’s specific for teacher resume will help you to bring only the best while building your resume to apply for that substitute teacher job.

Resume Template of Long-term Substitute Teacher

Have been long into the field yet planning to move workplace? You can write a long-term substitute teacher to showcase your professional experiences. By referring to a sample of substitute teacher resumes, you’ll feel no confusion about putting what should be put into the field.

Substitute Teacher Resume No Experience

Substitute Elementary School Teacher Resume

Becoming an elementary school teacher is just a noble profession like other teaching jobs out there. If there’s a substitute elementary teacher job available and you’re interested in being one, making your resume right is the best decision to make.

Substitute Special Education Teacher Resume in PDF

PDF resume is one of the most common file types to be asked by employers. Substitute teacher resume isn’t exempt. You may find it easily, but it’s unfortunate that you cannot directly copy-paste it. Hence, if you find a PDF template that suits your need in terms of making resume, you may need to convert it to an editable version.

Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume

Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

Substitute teacher job may not be available anytime you try to find one. Hence, when you find one that clicks with you, it’s a great decision to directly make your substitute teacher resumes and submit it along with a cover letter. So, what are you waiting for?

Teacher Resume Template for Free

What’s best from downloading a substitute teacher resume template? It can be downloaded for free. Everyone loves freebies – and that may include getting a resume sample for free.

Entry Level Substitute Teacher Resume

Template of Substitute Kindergarten Teacher Resume

Whether working with younger kids is a long-term profession that you cherish, or it is something new for you, you will still need to write a substitute teacher resume before applying to a vacant job. Hence, make sure to write it decently simply by writing it after a reference.

So, those are some much-needed information about making substitute teacher resumes. What to do after this is to grab your resume sample, learn it a bit, and start making your own resume.

Sustitute Teacher Resume Example

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