Termination Letter Due To Poor Performance And Its Example

Poor performance can be caused by several things such as lack of ability or lack of training. However, if your company has given a lot of training, but the employee’s performance is still poor, then you have to be firm. It cannot be denied that some employees may not be able to work as expected by the company. So inevitably you have to fire the employee after giving him/her a few chances. Here, the role of termination letter due to poor performance is needed.

Should I Terminate An Incompetence Employee?

As a large company, there are many things you have to do rather than nurture your incompetent employee. This might sound a little harsh, but you can improve your company’s performance by firing your incompetent worker and replace her/him with the most competent employee.

Back to the contract agreement that has been agreed by both sides, that employees should be able to contribute and perform well to the company. Additionally, if you have warned your employee before, but he/she still ignore your critics, the best way is to terminate the employee.

What Is The Purpose of Termination Letter?

By using a termination letter, you have informed several things related to the employee’s relationship with the company, such as:

  • You have notified your employee that she/he is fired
  • You can explain about the compensations, salary, or the other things that will be given by the company
  • You can explain what is the next step that your employee could take
  • You can terminate your employee more politely and formally

Termination Letter Due To Poor Performance Example

To write an elegant termination letter, you need to make it clear that it was motivated by the poor performance of your employees. You also need to include some important elements like your employee’s name, department, position, and any legal agreements. You can pay attention to the example below:

Dear Natalie,

This letter is to inform you that you are being dismissed from ABC Company Service effective from December 17, 2020. Your dismissal was a decision made with care after your 6 months of poor performance.

When you were hired by this company, the manager has told you many things about some performance you should meet. You signed a confirmation that you were eligible to fulfill the conditions. You couldn’t meet the expectation well. You also didn’t join the new employee training program. Additionally, your performance was worse than other employees in a similar department and position as yours.

You will be paid according to the day you entered and the overtime you took. You can choose to get the salary through a check that will be sent to your address, or you can pick it up at our security desk. Please call (555)-555-5555 to provide further confirmation. Thank you for your attention.



William O’Connor, Executive Director

ABC Company Service

That’s all our brief explanation about the termination letter due to poor performance and the example. Hope it can inspire you to write your own letter.


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