Vacation Leave Letter You Can Implement

Vacation will be more special by the time you need it to refresh your feeling after you have a tough week. Every employee has a right to take a little time off. You may need this letter in order to get an opportunity to get yourself a little treat. Before you write a vacation leave letter, it is suggested for you to read this article.

What Is A Vacation Leave Letter?

As an employee, it is normal for asking your employer to take some time off from your job through a formal written letter. It’s possible to write it in an informal form, but there will be an opportunity for your request declined by your employer. It also depends on your dedication towards the company, whether if you have a good or enough record can be a consideration for your request to be accepted or refused.

When Is The Best Time For Time Off?

When you are on your edge to think about when is the exact time to take your right as an employee, maybe you should look after your record to your company. You may ask an opinion to your colleagues about your effort in the company. This is important to be a consideration to get your vacation leave. The point is, you have to know when it’s the right time. Then, you can address a letter to your employer to take a vacation.

How Do You Politely To Asking For Time Off?

There are the things you need to pay attention to get a permission for time off. Follow the information provided below.


Plan your time off ahead, maybe you need to save your vacation before you can get a long vacation. Take a moment to create a better plan and make the journey more memorable.


You need a reason as well to get to know your employer in order to take your time off. Provide your reason in the letter and make your excuse reasonable enough to convince your employer.


Include the other detail(s) such as the date you planned, information, and sign. The date you planned is optional, therefore you still need permission from your employer to get a vacation.

Example Of Vacation Leave Letter

Here is an example below you may need in order to help you make a letter to your employer.

Dear Mr. Caleb,

I write this letter to make a formal request about my vacation leave ahead. I would like to take time off for vacation from December 16, 2016 through the end of the year. I have planned for a long trip to Hawaii with my family. As you already know, I have saved all my vacation all this year and prevent myself from being absent from work, and have always put in my effort and integrity on the company, I am planning to finish all my dependents between now until December 16, 2016 and send it into one by fax. I am very confident that my absence will not affect the other work and continue it by themselves during my absence.

For further information or clarification regards, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (123)-123-1234 or email me at Then I will respond when the time and there is an available internet connection. I am waiting for your response and great thanks for your consideration.


Samedi Sam
Assistant Manager
M Company

In conclusion, may this information can be useful. Don’t hesitate to edit the example, good luck!



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