Acceptable Sample Of Volunteer Recommendation Letter

Some associations indeed require specific letter such as volunteer recommendation letter before tolerating volunteers into their association. It is possible that cash will be dealt with or stringent guidelines followed to keep an assessment excluded status. Such a letter can be from any individual who can vouch for the genuineness, honesty and character of the volunteer.

How Do You Make Your Volunteer Recommendation Letter For Someone?

Make A Proper Greeting

First of all, it is very important to greet your receiver. It is suggested to introduce yourself and tell your purpose of the letter.

Express The Idea Of Your Relationship

Tell what you’re suggesting the individual for. You can sent this letter directly to the manager, instructor, and so on. Express the time allotment you have known this individual if necessary.

What Is The Format For Volunteer Recommendation Letter?

  • Greetings
  • State who you are suggesting and for what purpose
  • Depict the limit wherein you know them
  • Rundown their most appropriate characteristics/attributes
  • Close by certainly suggesting them
  • Yours earnestly

The Example Of Volunteer Recommendation Letter

Below is the example that you can use as the reference to write a recommendation letter.

Dear Ms. Whitney,

Pleasure is mine to suggest one of the most devoted volunteers work with me at our nearby part of the American Heart Association. Caroline Ford has more energy and assurance than anybody I have ever observed. We have raised record dollars since her contribution with AHA because of her one of a kind and imaginative gathering pledges thoughts. At this moment, Caroline isn’t holding an office with AHA; however, is filling in as one of our occupied “working drones.”

Regardless of whether she gnaws off somewhat more than she can bite, she proceeds with a commitment to do what she vowed to do. There is nobody I realize who is more genuine and dependable than Caroline. She has passed the historical verification needed by the AHA, and I am sure will have no dings on her record of volunteerism that will prevent her from filling in as your financial officer.

I never enrolled in anything which has the degree of energy that Caroline has. Having lost relatives to both coronary illness and malignant growth, discovering remedies for these two infections is critical to her. She is an energetic laborer who is trustworthy and amicable. Caroline isn’t hesitant to change the strategy if a cycle isn’t working out. She is adaptable, and her objective is an accomplishment for the section, whatever it takes.

Popular and regarded by her companions, there are not many individuals I have delighted in working with more than Caroline. I am confident you would be content with her work. I am glad to suggest Caroline Ford as a volunteer for our nearby American Cancer Society and accept she will make a magnificent financier. On the off chance that you might want to examine my encounters chipping in with Caroline, kindly reach me at (555)-555-5555 or email me at



Harry Jones


ABC County Chapter

American Heart Association

At least, a volunteer recommendation letter is the right choice for you. Good luck out there!


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