Volunteer Resignation Letter And Its Sample

Volunteering is an amazing thing for those who care for others. Hence, joining an organization would also be an amazing thing. Unfortunately, there will come a time when you will no longer be able to join the community for several reasons. Like it or not, you have to leave the community. You can use a volunteer resignation letter to politely say goodbye to your organization.

Can I Resign From A Volunteer Position?

Writing a resignation letter may be difficult for anyone, including volunteer members. However, inevitably a breakup would happen sooner or later. Especially if your reasons for leaving the organization are driven by other more important things, for example, like you got a job, or you have to move out of town. Keep in mind that you have a right to resign from your volunteer position, but reasonably and charismatic.

What Is The Best Reason To Quit From Voluntary Organization?

As previously written, you have a right to resign from the voluntary organization. But you must have a good reason. Some of the reasons you can use are as follows:

  • You already join another organization
  • You are accepted to work at a company
  • You no longer have free time
  • You have to move out of town
  • You have to look after sick of a family member
  • You think you are getting old and don’t have much energy


There are many reasons you can use to quit an organization. The point is you shouldn’t make a contrived excuse.

Volunteer Resignation Letter Sample

Even though volunteering is not a formal paid job, you still have to leave politely. For example, by sending a volunteer resignation letter, so you will also leave the community with a good impression and still have the opportunity to communicate with others.

You can pay attention to a volunteer resignation letter sample below. This is written by a person who is going to resign from a voluntary organization because she has been accepted to work in a company. Here is the format:

Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am writing to personally inform you that I am going to resign from the volunteer position at XYZ Community Service. I just got accepted to work at a company that I have long dreamed of. Unfortunately, the working hours and activities at my company conflict with my volunteering at XYZ Community  Service. My last day at the community will be December 20, 2020, so this letter becomes my three weeks’ notice.

I ask for apologizing if my resignation causes inconvenience. I do say a lot of thanks for being given a wonderful opportunity to join the XYZ Community Service.

I will probably join some events occasionally on weekends or evenings if I am noticed a few days in advance. My phone number is (888)-888-8888 and my email address is Emily_margaret@gmail.com. Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely yours,


Emily Margaret

XYZ Community Service Volunteer

That’s all our brief description of the volunteer resignation letter and its sample. You can change some aspects and write to yours by customizing the format.


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