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Get the Samples of Cashier Resume Template to Make the Best Resume

Are you good with mathematic and have great attention to detail? Well, you may be the best potential person to fill in the cashier job position. You can decide to apply for this position by imitating the next imposing sample of cashier resume.

Head Cashier Resume PDF Free Download

There are so many responsibilities and duties of a cashier. The main duties start from assisting the customers to check out their groceries, collecting the payments, totaling and itemizing customer’s purchases, and answering the inquiries.

Example of Cashier Resume

The next below is the sample of cashier resume that you can easily imitate from:


Name    : Chloe Jones

Phone   : 121 7464 5535

Email    : Chloe.Jones@hotmail.com

Address: 14436 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 15353

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/chloejones


  • A multi-talented head cashier with more than 3 years of experience in serving excellent customer service, handling inventory, and daily accounts.
  • Purposing to use my expertise and knowledge to effectively fill the head cashier role in your company.
  • Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts (2013 – 2017)

Business Management Major

Melrose College, Los Angeles, CA

High School Diploma (2010 – 2013)

Sunset Boulevard High School, Los Angeles, CA

Key Skills

  • Team Leadership
  • Prioritization and Organizational Skills
  • Data Entry / SAP
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Oracle / Internet


The Employee of the Month (June 2018)

Best Bought Company, Los Angeles, CA


Certified Professional Cashier Service (2017)

CPCS Global

Melrose Driver’s License (2019)

Professional Experience

Cashier (2017 – Present)

Best Bought Company, Los Angeles, CA

  • Developing the excellent reputation of the company by giving the efficient and excellent service with the great accuracy and receiving best ratings during 3 years of working period in the store
  • Closing and opening the registers, ensuring the customer service’s quality all day, training the new staff and cashiers, and monitoring the cash limits
  • Maintaining the service by learning more about the store merchandise knowledge and responsible for accepting the payments of the customers by credit cards
  • Counting money in the drawers to make sure that the amount that was recorded is matched with the amount of the money, handling 98 transactions on average per day, and operating POS cash list

Cashier (2016 – 2017)

Helen & Joel Company, Los Angeles, CA

  • Calculating the total payments received and reconciliation with the total sales
  • Implementing the new cashier service tactics successfully and increased customer satisfaction by 26% in 3 months
  • Maintaining and compiling the non-monetary records and reports
  • Providing the related information regarding the products that asked by the customers and responsible for conducting the customer’s complaints

Tips to Make Cashier Resume

If you are still confused about how to make cashier resume, here are the things you can easily do to create a resume:

  1. List your best cashier skills
  2. Add an interesting cashier cover letter as the first page of your resume
  3. Make your professional experience in some relevant keywords, bulleted points, pointed achievements, and strong words
  4. Add more value to your resume by adding extra spaces, such as language skills, volunteering history, or certifications
  5. Format your resume with the right margin, readable fonts, and proper spaces
  6. Give your education information in details
  7. Complete your resume heading with a profile summary or career statement

People Also Ask

How do I describe the cashier on my resume?

Describing cashier in your cashier resume is by simply mentioning the responsibilities and duties, such as counting the cash in money drawer, using the barcode devices, greeting the customers, accepting the return of customer, collecting the payments (cash, credit cards, or checks), registering the purchases, and answering to the inquiries.

What skills should you put on your cashier resume?

The best cashier skills that should be mentioned in cashier resume are:

  1. Professional phone call etiquette
  2. Excellent relationship building skills
  3. Understanding the market of the company
  4. Basic mathematic knowledge
  5. Great product knowledge
  6. Great ability in prioritization and time management
  7. Integrity
  8. Computer skills
  9. Cash management
  10. Attention to detail

What is a good objective for a cashier job position?

To make an impressive career statement at the top of resume, start by mentioning the job position or role that you are targeting for. Add your best cashier skills to add more value to your statement. You can also list the working experiences and relevant educational qualifications. The recruiters will select you mainly based on your career statement because it tells the whole value of yourself. They can also see how passionate and talented you are, how big your integrity is, or how trusted you are only by reading profile statement.

The Variety of Cashier Resume

The next and last thing you can do is by picking one of these subsequent choices of cashier resume.

Cashier Resume for Bank

Take the bank cashier resume if you want to be paid a high amount of salary by working “just” as a cashier. Yes, being a bank cashier means you can be paid a great amount of salary because most of the banks around the world have a high standard of salary, even though you are a fresher.

Mcdonalds Cashier Resume PDF Free Download

Cashier Resume for Fast-Food Restaurant

The fast-food resume template is good for you who want to earn extra money in their free time. Usually, the fast-food restaurant is looking for someone aged at 18 – 23 to be their part-time staff, including a cashier.

Retail Cashier Resume Free PDF Template

Cashier Resume for Head Cashier

If you want to know more about the responsibilities as a head cashier, you can download and learn from the head cashier resume. It contains detailed duties and job summary as head cashier, and it surely will give you more knowledge.

Supermarket Cashier Resume PDF Download

Creative and Complete Cashier Resume

Pick the creative and complete resume template if you want to get two important things at once. You will be provided with the best cashier cover letter template as well as cashier resume template which will assist you in making an impressive resume.

Bank Cashier Resume PDF Free Download

Cashier Resume for Grocery Store

Choose the grocery store cashier resume template if you want to conduct a basic and simple resume. This template is completed by the profile section, skills section, and working experience section. Do not lie in making a resume. Moreover, write an honest summary of your profile as a cashier.

Fast Food Cashier Resume PDF Free Download


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