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How to Make a Director of Operations Resume?

Planning to become a director of operations? Oftentimes, companies hire only experienced person to hold this position. If you think you are capable in becoming one, then go for it. But first, prepare your director of operations resume. You should know what kind of job waits in the new place, and provide the new, potential employer the set of skills you showcase in your resume.

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Writing a resume can be difficult for some. Even professionals can’t deny that alluring potential employers only through a piece of director of operations resume is a hard thing to do. Well, as long as you have the qualifications, skills needed, and outstanding previous working experiences, there’s nothing to stop them from hiring you as the best candidate!

Sample of Director of Operations Resume

As much as the position name itself tells, becoming a director of operations isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It requires hard work and excellent leadership to become a successful director. But even if you’re qualified, without writing your director of operations resume, those will be such a waste. Take a look at this sample below to get an idea how the resume is written.

Roxanne J. White

12 4th South Street, New York City, New York 12312 | roxjoanawhite@mymail.com | 02-383-374-637


  • A charismatic and passionate leader with 10+ years of experience in the related field.
  • A loyal person, great and effective communicator, and has a strong sense of leader for an enjoyable team and workplace without putting aside operational aspect at sake.


  • Looking for a position of director of operations in ABS Company, Ltd., New York.
  • Currently finding a job in New York due to marriage settlement with my husband.


  • Master’s degree of Management, University of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Grad. 2017

GPA: 3.9/4.0

  • Bachelor’s degree of Management, University of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Grad. 2004

GPA: 3.5/4.0


Director of Operations, KGN Publishing                                              2009 – 2021


  • Oversaw all aspects of the company’s operation
  • Helped to set the strategic planning
  • Responsible for the operational flow and reporting it to the CEO and the board of directors.
  • Checking the target whether it is accomplished or not, etc.

Operational Manager, KGN Publishing                                                2007 – 2009

  • Managed activities related to the production of books, editorial services, marketing, etc.

Assistant of Operational Manager, KGN Publishing                            2004 – 2007

  • Helped the manager to reach the target set by the director of operations, etc.
  • Helped the manager by following up the related department in order to achieve the target on time.


Mrs. Jane Smith, CEO of KGN Publishing, Philadelphia (available on request)

How to Make Your Own Resume

You may have known how to make a simple resume. Well, to make your director of operations, it’s practically the same. You need to prepare some data beforehand to complete the resume, such as personal identity, working experiences, educational background, references (if any), and lastly – professional summary and objectives (if you wish to include these).

Once you gathered all of these data, you can get a sample director of operations resume. Alternately, you can type the similar keyword on your search engine, yet you are aiming for some templates. Simply download the sample (or the template), and you can start building your own resume.

Launch the application you want to make your director of operations resume with. It’d be better if it is compatible with the template/sample you’ve just downloaded. Edit the data using your own personal information. Then, make sure everything is finely written; this will include checking whether there is improper grammar or some misspellings.

People Also Ask

What is the difference between a general manager and a director of operations?

Unlike general manager, director of operations will be in-charge for dealing with long-term company’s operation planning. Therefore, policies that the director takes often include those in larger scales. That makes no wonder that director of operations has to be skillful and experienced. If you’re planning to apply for this position, you should make sure you include your experiences in your director of operations resume.

What is another name for director of operations?

A director of operations is also often called as COO.  The abbreviation itself stands for Chief Operating Officer, which needs to directly reports to the executive officer—known as CEO.

What are the skills of director of operations?

  • Organizational abilities
  • Operational skills
  • Adept in industry regulations
  • Great leadership
  • Outstanding knowledge in CRM

Several Kinds of Operation Director Resume Templates

Online sources are indeed the best. There are various director of operations resume sample and template that you can get if you plan to refer/use one. Make sure to download the one suitable for your needs.

Director of Operations Assistant Resume Template

Even the assistant of director of operations can be puzzled and confused how to prepare a resume. If you are on one of this position candidates, make sure you learn first how the assistant director of operations resume should look like.

Director of Hotel Operations

Clinical Operation Director Resume

Clinics and hospitals also need their director of operations. If you’re one of their candidates, just like applying to other jobs, you should prepare your director of operations resume. Make sure to tailor your resume so that the employer will believe that you are the right candidate for the position.

Director of Quality Control Operation Resume

Hotel Director of Operations Resume Template

To run smoothly, a hotel has to be directed by someone capable in the industry. Of course, in hotel you will find a director of operations as well. If you are interested and experienced in working in hospitality industry, it’s your time to shine! Go prepare your director of operations resume.

Finance and Operations Resume

Retail Director of Operations Resume Template

Who says a retail store doesn’t need a director of operations? A director of operations helps to make the retail store survive despite the hard times; that’s why only the best should sit on the throne. Is it yours? Let’s make a director of operations resume to find the answer.

Manufacturing Director

Director of Operations Sales Resume Template

Need a help to make your director of operations resume? Simply download a relevant template and easily input your data into it. No freelance graphic designer you should hire.

So, those are some details about how to make director of operations resume. Although you will make your resume through editing a template, it’s still important to learn how to compose a resume properly.

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