School Acceptance Letter and Its Sample

Being one of the school’s student selection committee will require you to interact with parents and students, for example sending a school acceptance letter. Perhaps you are still a newbie in the committee, you probably feel confused on how to write the acceptance letters. As you work in a professional environment, you have to understand how to compose a formal letter for student’s acceptance. It is important because acceptance letter is something that parents and students await for so long. Here are the strategies you need to follow in writing an acceptance letter.

Why is an acceptance letter important?

You might think that announcing a list of accepted students in a website or newspaper is enough. However, it feels much different when parents or students get the notification directly from the school. Of course they will feel glad and proud to receive the letter. A school acceptance letter is important because it indicates that the school gives a positive response to welcome the new students. The aim is to inform them of an affirmation decision.

What are expressions to say in an acceptance letter?

In writing an acceptance letter, you need to spread a positive tone. It is because the letter itself contains a good news for the readers. Therefore, you should write some positive expressions that make them happy while they are reading the acceptance letter. The following expressions you can write on your acceptance letter including:


“We are delighted to accept your son or daughter as a student in this school.”

“We are glad to offer your son or daughter to join our school program.”

How do I write a school acceptance letter?

Composing a school acceptance letter needs to be concise and on point. As somebody who takes this job, you have to ensure to write it formally. Thus, you need to include school letterhead. As a formal letter usually contains around three paragraphs, make sure you include your expression of congratulations on student’s acceptance, add some details for registry and a contact person to be asked any questions, and end with another positive tone such as gratitude. Remember that it would be better if you inform the student about the facts why he or she is eligible for school admission.

School Acceptance Letter Template

Perhaps it is your first time to write an acceptance letter. Thus, we provide a template to inspire you in writing it. Check this out.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hammington

On behalf of Wonderful Breakfast High School I am delighted to offer your son Luke Hammington admission to join our program. As it might be seen, Wonderful Breakfast is the most outstanding high school in Belfast and we only accept the best students since 1962. We were overwhelmed with Luke’s skills and talents and satisfyingly chose her from 1530 applicants to register in our summer program.

To make sure Luke’s official registration into our summer program, please complete and bring the attached forms no later than January 17, 2021. If you have necessary questions, we will as soon as possible help you to share the information. Should you need any further information,please do not hesitate to call us on (444)-666-8888 or send us an email at

We are excited to admit Luke into our summer program and sure that he will create an impressive achievement in the future. We guarantee that your family will be satisfied with the education of Wonderful Breakfast High School as we provide a secure and comfortable place for Luke to study. Thank you for applying in our summer program.




Anastasha Helena

Admissions Department of Wonderful Breakfast High School

That is all the brief summary about writing a school acceptance letter. We hope it helps you.

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