10+ Attorney Resume Templates

Attorney Resume Templates, Examples and Details

An attorney resume is usually made by those whose profession is a lawyer or legal officer. The resume is used to apply for jobs or to provide documentations for courts and other purposes. Of course, making resume is not something easy. You will have to do a lot of things and put the proper information.

Attorney Law Resume Template

This is why the templates and examples are needed. These are some examples of the resume that you can use. They will show how a proper resume looks like. Considering the legal officer is a respected field, of course you want to make sure your resume is flawless. Here is the example for you:

Attorney Resume Example


Thomas Jackson More



7 Henry St., Walsingham, YH, 28165


  • Professional attorney specialized as divorce attorney.
  • Having more than 5 years of experience.
  • Experienced in court and legal battle, including for child support, child custody, and other divorce/separation-related issues.
  • Willing to work in teams and good in communication.


Graduating from Jackson High School, 2008, GPA 3.4

Graduating from St. George Law School, 2012, GPA 3.5, Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Court Order

Graduating from St. George Law School, 2014, GPA 3.8, Master’s Degree in Law and Court Order

Work History

2014-2017, Lucas and Partner Law Firm, Legal Team

2017-2019, Gov. of Walsingham Legal Team, Attorney

2019-Ongoing, St. George Law School Legal Team, Attorney


  • Leadership
  • Settlement and Court Order
  • Time-Management
  • Communication


English, Native

Spanish, Advanced


How to Write Lawyer Resume?

Writing resume is not easy if you have never done that before, or when you have absolutely no clue about what to write on that document. These are the tips on how to write an attorney resume. Follow these tips, so you can make a good, readable resume that everyone loves to read. Here they are:

  1. Download the right templates. Yes, using templates is very important here. Make sure that you download the attorney resume template that matches with your need. As there are many types of attorneys, the template you are using must be in line with your type of attorney.
  2. Keep everything simple. Do not prolong your resume and keep it simple and readable. Only write the related experience and education. Do not waste your time in listing all sorts of experiences, trainings and other information about your career but they are not related to your attorney profession or to your legal-related works.
  3. Besides of including your relevant education as well as relevant job experience, you also need to list your best skills. The skills should include the hard skills that cover professional attorney jobs, such as the legal knowledge and court paperwork.

People Also Ask

What should be included in a law resume?

There are several things that must be included in attorney resume. They are including the contact information, relevant education, relevant work history, hard skills, soft skills, language skills, and a brief profile about yourself. These sections are very common to be found on the resume of an attorney.

The contact information and brief profile should be the ones to be written first on the top of the page. For the contact information, you need to include your name, email address, phone number and mailing address. You can also put your social media link up there, including your LinkedIn page or Facebook.

How long should my legal resume be?

It should not be too long. A good attorney resume will be like one to two pages long. They contain brief but clear information about the attorney. If you make resume that is too long, people will get bored reading it along the way. After all, only a few pieces of information are considered essential in resume.

They are including the work experience and the law degree. When people are looking for good attorney, they will read the candidate’s attorney resume and then they will take a look at their law degrees and their working experience as lawyer. Other information is just considered as additional.

What looks good on law applications?

The only thing that will look good on law application is a good, detailed working experience. There is no way that anyone would hire an attorney with lack of experience. So, if you have years of experience in the legal world, write them up. As long as they are relevant to attorney profession, they can be written.

Resume Example for Associate Attorney

Associate attorney surely need to write attorney resume when they are applying for jobs or something else. You need to do one as well if this is your profession. Downloading the template of this kind of resume will be your key to success. Download the resume template for free now.

Resume Example for Corporate Attorney

Every corporation has legal team. There will be at least one attorney there. If you are interested in working as corporate attorney or you already are, write your resume based on he good attorney resume example. This is the one to download, and you can get it all for free.

Corporate Attorney Resume Sample

Resume Example for Experienced Attorney

Everyone wants to hire experienced attorney. They won’t take the risk of hiring someone with lack of experience. This is why when you have years of experience in the industry, just write it up. Use this attorney resume example to showcase your extended experience in legal or court industry.

Attorney Official Agent Resume

Resume Example for General Counsel Attorney

General Counsel Attorney is also in need to write good resume. Use the template like this one to show the proper content and format of the resume. Download the example now, and save it to your PC to use whenever you want.

Immigration Attorney Resume Template

Resume Example for Patent Attorney

Patent attorney has the job of dealing with product patent and legalization. For those who are looking for this kind of resume example, download this one now.

Patent Attorney Resume Template

Resume Example for Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorney is the one dealing with mortgage and legal paperwork for houses and properties. If this is your profession, and you need to make attorney resume, download the resume template now and edit it later on.

Real Estate Attorney Resume Senior Attorney Resume Template

Associate Attorney Resume

Attorney Experience Resume


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