10+ Automobile Resume Templates

The Automobile Resume Templates and Examples

If you are seeking an automobile job position and need to write your resume, you can easily look at the samples of automobile resume templates below. Making a resume might be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have experience in making a resume before.

automobile estimator resume template

You can apply for many job positions in the automobile field, starting from the automobile mechanic position to the automobile sales marketing position. However, of course, the resume from one position to another position is different from each other.

Sample of Automobile Resume

Before looking at the more samples of automobile resume templates, you can see the following example first to help you understand.

George Dean

Personal Details

Date of Birth     : 30 June 1986

Address            : 214 Boulevard Road, New York City, NY 29272

Email                : george.dean@live.com

Phone               : 272 6272 7272

Languages Known: English, Spanish, French, Arabic

Profile Summary

  • Excellent abilities in reading, interpreting, and creating engineering drawings in defining the technical specifications with the excellent knowledge in developing and designing new products
  • Effective negotiator and communicator with high ability in problem-solving, organizational, and analytical skills
  • 4 years of experience in Project Executions, Design Engineering, Process Control, Production Management, Detail Engineering, Quality Management, and Operations of Management
  • In-depth knowledge of Sheet Metals & Design along with DFSS & DFM
  • Implementing and developing the process design and quality systems to meet the company’s standards

Core Competencies

Design Engineering

  • Reviewing the resolving quality and the engineering changes issues according to the design plan
  • Designing Panel Layout, operation list, single line diagram, Interlocks Philosophy, Schematics Writing, etc.

Project Management

  • Conducting the budgeting plans and then making the list of the required resources
  • Establishing the project execution for every client

Quality Assurance

  • Improving the better quality for every aspect of production and processing
  • Determining the quality failures to make decisions regarding the issues

Professional Experience

Design Engineer (2015 – Present)

Narendra Computer Services Ltd., New York City, NY


Hold responsible for:

  • Planning the cost-effective design plans of the company
  • Conducting the stability testing for the products
  • Managing the requirement analysis of all the products
  • Conducting the modeling and editing tasks


Bachelor of Mechanical (2011 – 2015)

New York Institute of Science and Technology, New York City, NY

Diploma (2019 – 2011)

Major: Automobile Engineering

New York Institute of Science and Technology, New York City, NY

Key Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Six Sigma Tools
  • CAD
  • Solid Modeling
  • DFMA
  • 7 QC
  • Pro-Mechanical
  • Drawing Conversion
  • Lean
  • 0
  • Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4.0

Tips in Making Automobile Resume

Remember to take a note and follow the following steps to make the best automobile resume templates:

  1. Use the best keywords

If you use the relevant keywords in your resume, it will be automatically more visible to the employers since they sometimes use the easiest way to screen the incoming resume: searching through the keywords.

  1. Describe your special training and certifications

Do not forget to put your special training and certifications if you have any. It will add more value to your resume.

  1. Add some outstanding achievements

The outstanding achievements have the same value as point number 3. So, do not forget to add your achievements description.

  1. Do not use the same cover letter over and over again

Using the same cover letter over and over again will definitely make your resume boring, and it will decrease your chance to be recruited by the company.

How do I write an automobile resume?

Making an automobile resume is quite similar to the other position. Here are the steps:

  1. Pick the proper and right type of resume
  2. Use your contact details as the resume’s header
  3. Check the format that you use in your resume

People Also Ask

What are automobile skills?

The following are a few of many exceptional automobile skills:

  1. Engine Repair
  2. Electrical Systems
  3. Automotive Repair
  4. Automotive Vehicles
  5. Important Parts
  6. Diagnosis
  7. Brake Systems
  8. Oil Changes

What is an automobile salesman job description?

An automobile salesman is a person responsible for selling trucks, cars, and vans for any commercial and personal use. They will need to see the customers talk about their needs, and they are needed to promote the sales offers to customers. They also manage the test drives that are needed by the customers.

What qualifications do I need to be an automobile salesman?

Are you eager to be an automobile salesman? Besides looking at the samples of automobile resume templates, you are required to have the following qualifications:

  1. A driver’s license
  2. College degree
  3. Excellent communication and writing skills
  4. Ability to go to work on weekends and holidays
  5. Minimum 2 years of experience in the sales field
  6. Previous automotive working experience
  7. Great to work under high pressure
  8. Strong building relationship skills

Types of Automobile Resume Templates

If you are still don’t know how to make the best automobile resume, you can easily use one of the following automobile resume templates as your hint.

Automobile Resume for Automobile Sales Manager

The sales manager automobile resume templates are best used by the professional car sales who want to increase their job position to be the car sales manager. This template uses the common format that’s divided into 2 parts. The first part tells about the professional and areas of expertise sections, and the second part tells about the achievement, personal summary, and skills sections.

automobile mechanic resume template

Automobile Resume for Mechanical Engineer

Many people have a high passion for repairing and checking mechanical’s machines. Apply for a mechanical engineer position if you are one of them, and take the mechanical engineer automobile resume templates as your guide.

Car Sales Manager Automobile Resume Free PDF

Modern Type of Automobile Resume

Choose the modern automobile resume templates if you are looking for some resume samples with modern style and format. This template uses the best design, and it will make your resume look clean and simple, yet interesting.

Automobile Resume Template Word

Automobile Resume for Engineering Students

Use the engineering student automobile resume templates if you just graduate from college. By using this template, you will be able to give the spotlight to your educational qualifications. This template is also completed with the resume guideline.

Doc Format Free Automobile Resume Template

Automobile Resume for Automobile Designer

There are not many automobile designers in this world. So, if you want to pursue your career as an automobile designer, this will be a great opportunity. Select the designer automobile resume templates to help you write the resume easier and better.


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