7+ Business Analyst Resume Samples

Business Analyst Resume Samples and the Additional Information

For you who need to have your own business analyst resume samples, you can find the samples and templates below. You should be able to get it done right when you use the correct template. Instead of using blank page to start, it is better to use a ready-made template.

Experienced Business Analyst Resume

This is the example of resume that you can use. Download any of them, and you should be able to get everything correctly. All you have to do now is getting the downloaded file, and then using it later on. Download everything that you need below and get the further information.

The Example of Business Analyst Resume


James Allen



65 Pain St, 3715, Kellan GA

At a Glance

  • Professional business analyst.
  • Working for years in national company.
  • Providing good workflow for companies and marketing strategies as well.
  • Willing to work in teams and willing to work in shift.
  • Good with leadership and quick thinking.


Bachelor Degree. 2018. University of Hull

Work History

2018- On-going, Senior BA, Jameson Company


  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • BA Tool
  • Computing
  • Financing


  • English, Advanced
  • Italian, Advanced

How to Write Business Analyst Resume

Writing a resume is a hard job. You will have to find the right business analyst resume samples to make sure you can get it done right. Follow this information, so you can have the resume written properly and correctly. Here is the tutorial for you.

  1. Download some business analyst resume samples that you think you will need
  2. Edit the document using Microsoft Word or any other software
  3. Download all the document you need and then do not forget to open them up
  4. Make a profile about yourself and your contact information
  5. List of your documents in the resume template, including your diplomas
  6. List your history of working experience, especially the one as BA
  7. If you have followed training or anything else, write them on the document as well
  8. Complete the document by listing your language skill. Recheck the document before sending.

People Also Ask

What skills should I list on my resume for business analyst?

There are so many skills that a BA must have. This is why in many business analyst resume samples, the list of skills are usually long. You have to make sure you have the strong leadership skill as as a BA. Well, BA is also the one providing information for the company.

Therefore, the communication skill should be good as well. You need to own a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Business when you want to be a good BA. Make sure you know how to make good analysis related to business and financial situation in the area.

Is business analyst a good career?

Yes, it is. You can earn a lot of money from becoming a BA. You can do this if you work professionally in international company. You can work very easily and earn a lot of money every year. This is why many people want to be a good BA.

In order to do so, get the business analyst resume samples, and then make sure you know exactly what to write and what to display there. The reader or the employer will make sure you get the job if you have the decent qualification. Get the resume right and get the job easily.

What are the requirements for business analyst?

You have to be good in critical thinking and problem solving when it comes to this kind of job. It is very important for someone in this position to make sure they know what the market looks like and how they will conquer it. You should be able to do this when you have the degree.

The degree needed is usually finance or business-related one. Someone can be a good BA and just write a resume by downloading some business analyst resume samples to show off the degree. In addition, the degree should be at least bachelor’s degree to show.

Basic Resume Format for Business Analyst

This is the basic resume that everyone can use and edit with ease. For you who need to use the resume template, this is the one you can definitely edit with ease. Download it now and use it later on.

Example of Resume Format for Business Analyst

If you want to write a resume, this is the one you need. Get the job done by downloading the correct BA resume like shown on this template. Download it for free, and you can edit it in your PC.

IT Business Analyst Resume

Free Resume Format for Business Analyst

This is the free resume you need. Downloading templates should be free. You cannot just pay for something that you do not need at all. This is the resume for you to get. It is free, and all you have to do is clicking on the download button.

Six Sigma Business Analyst Resume

Fresh Graduate Business Analyst Resume Template

Fresh graduate students can be a BA, and they need the business analyst resume samples to help them making the resume. Download this template, and make sure you can get it right by writing a good resume out of it.

Senior Business Analyst Resume

Professional Business Analyst Resume Template

A professional still needs the help of business analyst resume samples to make the resume. This is the resume that you need. It is very easy to use, and everyone can write a resume from now on without any issues.

Sample of Business Analyst Resume Template

For those who need the basic resume for the job, download one of the best business analyst resume samples you can find. It is very easy to download, and it is basically easy to use as well.

Salesforce Business Analyst Resume

Business Analyst Resume Template with Cover Letter

If you need business analyst resume samples with cover letter, this is the one you need the most. This is the resume you can copy-paste, and just make it yours. Download the resume for free now.

Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Entry Level Business Analyst Resume 1

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