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Concierge Resume for Hotels, Resorts and Many Other Relevant Jobs

Writing concierge resume is going to be slightly difficult for those who have never done that before. After all, writing a resume is a job that’s not too easy for everyone, especially by those who are very inexperienced in writing formal document. Therefore, templates are surely helpful here.

Hotel Concierge Resume

There are many, many templates that you can download. They are all for free and it is very easy for everyone to get them. There is no need to pay for anything when it comes to downloading those templates. They are also good in the content and display what it is proper for the document.

Example of Concierge Resume


Name: James Oscar

Email: jamesoscar@mail.me

Phone: 2816-3917

Address: 7 Julien St., Moniker, YJ 215


  • Experienced concierge who graduated from the hospitality college and have been working in the hotel and resort industry for years.
  • Capable in speaking four different languages quite fluently (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) and thus enhancing the chance of serving international guests.


2012-2016, Jameson College University, Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Resort Service, GPA 3.7

2009-2012, Ursula High School, GPA 3.5


2015 (Internship), Luna Hotel and Spa, Bell Boy Team

2016 (Internship), Avon Hilton Hotel, Concierge Team

2016-2018, Hummel Hotel and Spa, Concierge Team

2018-2020, Jameson Hotel, Concierge

2020-Ongoing, Jameson Hotel, Senior Concierge


  • Communication
  • Public Service
  • Customer Service
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Pressure-Management
  • Multi-Tasking


  • English, Native/ Mother’s Tongue
  • Spanish (by descent), Advanced
  • Portuguese (by training), Advanced
  • Italian (by training), Intermediate

How to Write Concierge Resume

Writing concierge resume is easy when you know who to do that. You do the easy way by downloading the template. Remember, they are free to get so you have nothing against downloading the document whatsoever. Once you have the template, do these steps:

  1. Open the concierge resume template on your PC. It should contain everything that you have to display on the document, such as profile, contact information and many more. Examine each section and if you want to add or remove something, this is when you do that.
  2. Fill in the template with your data. It should match all your need and all your documents, including the certificate or the date you have for your employment history. Make sure that you get everything correctly and make sure it is not exaggerated.
  3. Recheck the entire thing with proper detail before you get it to the next step, which is printing and sending. If the job requires you to send the resume online, you have to convert the entire document to PDF format. It makes everything easier to download after all.
  4. If you have to print it, make sure it is printed properly and you have no flaws written on the resume. Before printing them, recheck the entire document once again and then connect the printer and have the document printed as you need it.

People Also Ask

What does a concierge do?

A concierge is working in hotel, most of the time. They also work in places where guests and tourists are common to find. Their main job is to greet the guests and provide them with the initial service. They often help bringing their luggage an also showing the guests the way to their room.

The job is very important in the hotel industry. It is like the main thing the guests will get upon their initial arrival. If the concierge did not provide a good service, surely the guests will have bad impression to the hotel or place. This is why this job is needed and everyone needs to write concierge resume to get that.

Is concierge a good job?

Yes, certainly. A hotel is run by a lot of people from a lot of stations. Concierge is the first one in the front door. If your hotel does not have a concierge, you will have hard time impressing the guests. The job pays well and this is why many people are after the job and they try to get it.

The job is easier to get when you can write a good concierge resume. The resume should be full of good experiences during the working employment. That way, everyone reading the resume should be able to get the point and hire the person immediately. After all, this is a good job.

Where to find resume template for concierge?

It is like everywhere around the internet. Everyone can find it easily when they have access to the internet. Using concierge resume template is very useful as you do not need to write something so difficult at the beginning. You can find a few below and you can also find them somewhere else.

When downloading the concierge resume template, make sure that it is free. The template must be free so that you do not need to pay for anything at all. If it forces you to pay, leave it as you can find the free ones on the internet. Templates should be free and keep this in mind while searching.

Resume Template for Hotel Concierge

The main place where a concierge is found is in a hotel. This is like the main place where guests are coming over for vacation, and surely they want something unforgettable for the spare time. A good concierge will provide them with good service after all.

This is where you can find a good employee starting from the concierge resume template. When people write the resume using template, they will find it easier to make a good resume and impress anyone who will become their future employers.

Resume Template for Residential Concierge

This is the concierge resume template for residential concierge. They work in places like apartments or something like that. They will be there asking about how your day is and everything else. Just download the template now.

Residential Concierge Resume

Resume Template for Front Desk Concierge

Last one is the concierge resume for front desk. They often get double jobs, and one of them is to tend the front desk. If you get this job, surely this is the template you need to download for now.

Front Desk Concierge Resume

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