10+ Sample of Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae

The Effective Sample of Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae

Do you wonder how to make an effective pharmacist resume? Learn from this article, and you will get many essential pieces of information about pharmacy, starting from the sample pharmacist curriculum vitae to the tips and steps on making a pharmacist resume.

Hospital Pharmacist

As we know, our mother earth is not well lately. Right now, more medical staffs and pharmacists are highly needed. Check the following sample to make pharmacist CV.

Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae Example

Learn from the sample pharmacist curriculum vitae below in guiding you to write pharmacist curriculum vitae:

Liz Taylor


Contact Details

Address: 162 West Road, San Francisco, CA 15252

Phone   : 656 5252 3131

Email    : liz.taylor@outlook.com


Fast-learning, dedicated, and enthusiastic pharmacist with passion in the innovation of medication study and the medication interactions study.


  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical assessment
  • Patient advocacy
  • Quality assurance
  • Inventory management
  • Drug assessment
  • Patient education
  • Health seminars attending

Work Experience

Clinical Pharmacist (May 2016 – Present)

Southeast Medical Clinic, San Francisco, CA

  • Preparing the medicines
  • Offering the payment solutions to the patients
  • Supervising the pharmacy department
  • Advising the patients to use the effective and safe methods of medications
  • Resolving the patient’s concerns and inquiries
  • Handling the medication procurement
  • Identifying and resolving adverse medication events
  • Monitoring the medicines stocks and scheduling substances
  • Maintaining the proper prescriptions procedures
  • Monitoring the daily pharmacy’s activities

Pharmacist (June 2009 – April 2016)

Viva Pharmacy and Grocery, San Francisco, CA

  • Handling the stock rotation and the stock shelves
  • Writing the weekly assessed medication
  • Filling and dispensing more than 100 prescriptions per day
  • Assessing the prescriptions for proper allergies, medication interactions, and dosage
  • Resolving the billing issues
  • Disposing of the expired medications
  • Inventory reporting and maintenance
  • Making the daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Conducting the routine medication storage inspections
  • Providing special services to the patients with special conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking cessation, and asthma
  • Resolving the customer queries

Pharmacy Intern (February 2007 – May 2009)

San Francisco Hospital, San Francisco, CA

  • Attending the daily care rounds for the patients on medical floors
  • Providing information and instructions to the patients about the effective and safe use of medicines
  • Monitoring and reporting the drug interactions
  • Managing the medicines stock
  • Engaging the residents and the pharmacy students in experimental and educational activities
  • Renal dosing
  • Interpreting the prescriptions under the Head Pharmacist’s supervision
  • Dispensing the medication and prescriptions under the Head Pharmacist’s supervision


Master of Pharmacy (2004 – 2006)

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Pharmacy (2000 – 2004)

College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Tips to Make Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae

After learning from the sample pharmacist curriculum vitae above, do the following tips to increase your CV value:

  1. Make sure your CV reflects the goals, needs, and values of the employer

Before making CV, make sure you do some researches about the company. After that, you will know the values, needs, and goals of the company and you can implement them in your curriculum vitae.

  1. Focus on the specific position

Choose the specific position job instead of making your CV more general.

  1. Add some concrete examples

You can do this by putting your real achievements or awards that can be a proof of your qualifications.

  1. A pharmacy education is a must

Yes, to apply for pharmacy job, you will need to have an educational background in pharmacy since this job requires relevant knowledge and skills.

People Also Ask

What should a pharmacist write on his/her CV?

The essential things that should be written in the CV are the pharmacy skills, such as:

  1. Communication and listening skills
  2. Identify, resolve, and prevent medication problems
  3. Customer service
  4. Consult with physicians and team members
  5. Medication and drug interactions knowledge
  6. Provide the proper medication information
  7. Documenting and evaluating the clinical responses about medication

How long should a pharmacy curriculum vitae be?

Pharmacy CV is usually longer than a resume because CV is a full background of someone. Therefore, you can definitely have more than 3 pages of curriculum vitae (or even more). Also, you will be needed to update your CV regularly since there are so many things that may happen in your career and education aspect. If you are confused about making CV, just learn from the sample pharmacist curriculum vitae.

What hobbies can I put on my CV?

You can add the other sections in your CV for interests or hobbies, such as volunteering, coaching and mentoring, club membership, etc.

The Focused Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae Samples

Just like what has been mentioned above, you need to focus on the specialization instead of making a general CV. The following are the sample pharmacist curriculum vitae that you can take.

The Manager Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae    

Take the manager sample pharmacist curriculum vitae if you choose to be a pharmacist manager. After making your personal details as the header, continue to explain yourself by writing the education preparation, pharmaceutical specialties, and academic appointments sections.

Graduate Pharmacist

The Assistant Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae   

The assistant sample pharmacist curriculum vitae are completed with the best CV cover that you can fill with general information as a pharmacist assistant. Include your educational and working experience after the cover page.

Pharmacist Assistant

The Technician Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae

If you know you are a highly skilled pharmacist technician, try to grow your career as a professional pharmacist technician by taking these sample pharmacist curriculum vitae. Include your educational achievements, such as your GPA and any pharmacist certifications.

Pharmacist Manager

The Pharmacist Student Curriculum Vitae

Being a pharmacist student is definitely a big achievement if you want to be a professional pharmacist. The student sample pharmacist curriculum vitae will help you in making the best CV.

Pharmacist Technician

The Pharmacist Curriculum Vitae for Professional

Selecting the professional sample pharmacist curriculum vitae means you are aware of your pharmacy educational background and working experience. Your great strength will be highlighted in this CV template.

Professional Pharmacist Student Curriculum Vitae 2 Clinical Curriculum Vitae Example of Pharmacist Experienced Curriculum Vitae

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