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Using cook resume sample is indeed important. When you are a cook, sometimes you do not think of writing a resume. All you want to do is working in the kitchen to ensure every customer’s order is done right. Well, at some points, you have to make a resume, and this is how you do it easily.

Entry Level Resume

You need to use templates. Templates and examples are incredibly helpful when it comes to resume writing. You can write the resume so easily because the templates already have everything that you need to write on it. All you have to do is editing the bits and details. Here is the resume example.

Cook Resume Sample Example


Name: Jim Simons

Email: jimsimons@mail.me

Phone: 278-2817

Address: 1 Martha St., Saint Williams, CA, 2716


  • A keen line cook.
  • Having been working in restaurants for more than three years.
  • Graduated from culinary school with a degree of Applied Science in Culinary.
  • Willing to work in teams and working night shifts.
  • Developing expertise toward Italian and Western-based cuisines.


  • Jonah High School, Graduated 2012, GPA 3.7
  • Saint George Institute of Culinary Education, BA in Applied Science in Culinary, Graduated 2017, GPA 3.4

Work History

2017-2019, Gilardino’s Italian Restaurant, Line Cook


  • Cleaning up kitchen and cooking utensils
  • Developing menu and creating new food items for the restaurant
  • Maintaining sanitation standard in the kitchen

2019-2020, Karen and James Cooking Space, Line Cook


  • Managing daily inventory.
  • Plating prepared foods
  • Preparing ingredients (proteins, vegetables and herbs) for grilling and cooking

2020-Ongoing, Happy Culinary, Senior Line Cook


  • Reporting stocks and restocking as needed.
  • Working with waiter/waitress to complete customer’s orders
  • Training new line cooks and teams


  • 2017, Training for Junior Line Cook, St. Mary School
  • 2018, Becoming a Good Cook at Industrial Kitchen, Gov. of Barbara


  • Kitchen preparation
  • Mise en Place
  • Time-Management
  • Organization
  • Multi-tasking
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • High-pressure
  • Team-Working


English, Advanced

Italian, intermediate

How to Write Cook Resume Sample?

Writing a cook resume won’t be easy without cook resume sample. This is the reason why you should use this document to make the writing process more effortless. Follow these steps below, and see how you can turn the template into a resume on your own. Here they are:

  1. Download the cook resume sample that you can get. Make sure it matches with the theme that you need.
  2. Open the document on Microsoft Word or on other application/ program to edit the document.
  3. Edit the document by adding a brief profile of yours. It should not be more than a paragraph or two.
  4. Add your contact information, including phone numbers and emails.
  5. Add your history of education as well as your professional work history. Do not forget to mention your duties at the previous jobs. If you are new, write the experience of internship or volunteering program.
  6. If you have been joining any sorts of trainings, write it up on the document, followed by your list if skills. Then, add your language skill.
  7. Recheck the document before sending it or printing it,

People Also Ask

How do you describe being a cook on a resume?

Being a cook is quite a common job, especially for those who have passions in culinary world. Therefore, you do not have to really describe what being cook means on a resume. People know what a cook is already, and what the job is. Simply write that you are a cook, and they know what you mean.

Download the best cook resume sample, and then you can go easy on the resume writing. As you just have to edit the details here and there, it will help you to explain the duties or things you have done on the previous jobs. Surely, it will make the resume look even better.

What are the skills of a cook?

The skills are more on the soft skill side. The hard skills will be very varied, depending on the expertise of the cook and the type of restaurant. However, the soft skills are usually the same. When downloading or taking a good look at cook resume sample, you can tell the soft skills are just all the same.

They include time-management and organizing skill. A line cook will find it hard to keep it together when they do not have a good time-management skills. Organizing skills are also needed as they will have to handle a professional kitchen, and prepare the orders from customers, which are quite exhausting.

What are the duties of a cook?

The duties are varied, again, depending on the restaurant’s policy. If you use cook resume sample, you may notice many people have the duties to prepare food ingredients. Besides, line cooks also have to do stock and restocking in the kitchen.

The good line cooks should have the job of communicating with customers as well. They will also need to work together really well with the server teams (waiters/waitress) as they need to make sure all customer’s order are made properly and served immediately. This is the main job of the cook

Assistant Cook Resume Template

Assistant cook is the position given to the juniors in the kitchen. Even so, they still need to make a good resume. Use this cook resume sample for that.

Executive Chef Resume Template

This is the executive chef resume. Using cook resume sample for this profession is not wrong as the format is technically the same.

Executive Chef Resume

Kitchen Manager Resume Template

Kitchen manager is a serious job, and thus the resume must be well-written. Use the templates to help you writing the resume.

Experienced Resume

Sample Cook Resume Template

For those who need free cook resume sample, download this one below. This is definitely free, and you can just use it whenever you want.

Manager Resume

Experienced Cook Resume Template

This is the cook resume sample that you need to download if you are an experienced one. Download this template and fill the details with your personal information.

Restaurant Cook Sample Chef Training Resume Assistant Cook Catering Cook Sample Chef Resume


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