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The Use of Sample Dentist Curriculum Vitae

During your childhood, maybe you are one of that squad who fears to walk into dentists’ rooms. Well, turns out that dentist isn’t that job everyone can easily reach. It takes years of study, understanding the anatomy, physiology, pathology, as well as the practical skills to ensure maximum oral health. Once the study is complete, dentists will take sample dentist curriculum vitae. Indeed, they’re applying for a job.

Entry Level Dentist

Why do they need sample dentist curriculum vitae to apply for a job? Making a nice resume is not in everyone’s understanding. Hence, that’s why a sample or a template can be beneficial for applicants. It may not be a must to use one. But when you’re confused, taking a sample will surely help to cut your time being inside a shell of confusion.

Sample of Dentist Curriculum Vitae

Dentists can be considered as a professional job that many people aspire to be. However, in fact, they’re just the same like the rest of us—they need resume too while applying for a job. If you’re a dentist yourself, consider taking your time to look at this sample before making your own resume.

Dean F. Weinberg, DDS.

General Dentist

190 Baker Street, New York City, NY 12901 | deanthedentist@gmail.com | 021-121-232-854


  • 5+ years of experiences in clinical practice dealing with various oral health problems
  • Adept skill of using Dental Unit and other related equipment
  • Have handled various types of patients, ranging from pediatric to geriatric ones
  • Active in promoting oral and dental health by joining a local radio talk every two weeks.
  • Excellent practical communication skill
  • Patient, outgoing, and empathetic person


Bachelor of Dental Medicine, University of NY, NY                      Graduated in 2014


Confident Dental Care, General Dentist                                      2018 – present

  • Handling patients with oral and dental health problems
  • Performing dental procedures
  • Prescribing medications
  • Referring patients to a more capable facility, if needed
  • Coordinating with dental assistant to take care of the practical equipment provided in the clinic
  • Coordinating with dental assistant to take care of the clinic’s sanitation and hygiene

MyDentist Dental Care, General Dentist                                     2015 – present

  • Referred patients to a more capable facility, if needed
  • Prescribed medications
  • Performed dental procedures
  • Handled patients with oral and dental health problems
  • Coordinated with dental assistant to take care of the practical equipment provided in the clinic
  • Coordinated with dental assistant to take care of the clinic’s sanitation and hygiene


Guest announcer for bi-weekly radio program Keeping Up with the Dentist           2019 – present

How to Write Dentist Curriculum Vitae

If you’re planning to get sample dentist curriculum vitae, know that CV is a bit different than resume. Resume tends to be shorter, while CV is the otherwise. But in general, it has similar aspects that make one quite difficult to distinguish from another.

So, either you plan to make your own CV, or just a resume, you can do these things in advance:

  1. Prepare your data beforehand. For example, you should prepare your personal identity, qualifications, education background, and working experiences.
  2. Then, you may choose to use sample dentist curriculum vitae to make your resume/CV with a sort of assistance.
  3. Continue by entering your own personal data. Starting from personal identity, objectives, working experience, and lastly, education background.
  4. Once you’ve finished entering your resume, check for any mistakes. Make sure to dismiss any apparent errors from your text.
  5. Lastly, format your CV/resume to be similar like sample dentist curriculum vitae. Or, if you’re making from scratch, feel free to neaten your resume.

People Also Ask

What can you do to make your dentist CV stand out?

  • Spelling and grammar are pivotal aspects to consider. Check back for any mistakes before you submit your CV. Do a proofread to make sure there’s nothing that may ruin your CV.
  • Use a professional format. You can achieve this by using a sample dentist curriculum vitae
  • Don’t use non-black, decorative font types for your tasks.

How long should a dentist CV be?

While an actual CV can extend up to 12 pages, it’s best to keep your CV concise. Hence, don’t include your irrelevant accomplishments and experiences.

What technical skills should you put on a dentist CV?

In making your dentist CV, you can include your skills in using technology advancements in dental industry. That’ll tell your employer a lot that you are an up-to-date applicant.

Several Samples of Dentist’s CV

There are various kinds of dentists in this world, from pediatric dentist to general one; each of them has different method of writing their CV. That said, there are different sample dentist curriculum vitae as well.

Sample of Pediatric Dentist Curriculum Vitae

If dealing with children is one of your specialties, then studying pediatric dentistry to become pediatric dentist is a great decision. Don’t forget to record every step of your dentistry works with the help of sample dentist curriculum vitae.

Dentist Technician

Sample of Dental Assistant Curriculum Vitae Template

You cannot just put one eye to dental assistants since dentists will not function well without the help of him/her. That said, dental assistant is a specialty job that requires special education and in-depth training.

Example of Dentist Curriculum Vitae

For applying to a certain job, they should offer CV as well. If you’re one of those aspiring dental assistants, you can as well put your list of professional experiences with the help of sample dentist curriculum vitae.

Sample of General Dentist Curriculum Vitae

Every dentist must pass this ‘era’ of being a general dentist. To apply for a general dentist job, preparing your CV right is a must. If you need help, you can get sample dentist curriculum vitae.

General Dentist

Sample of Entry Level Dentist Curriculum Vitae

Similar to being a general dentist, entry level dentist is also a must for a lot of dentists to pass. If you’re applying without any prior experiences, consider using entry level CV template.

Pediatric Dentist

CV Sample Template of Dental Director

Apart from those aforementioned, there’s also a dental director. This job can be pretty limited, since you need to be experienced in order to sit on this position. However, being experienced doesn’t mean you’re experienced in making resume, right? Consider getting a help from sample dentist curriculum vitae.

Professional Dentist

So, that’s the relevant information about sample dentist curriculum vitae. By using a sample, you can cut the CV-making time from such confusion about how to build a strong CV to beat other applicants.

Student Curriculum Vitae Assistant Curriculum Vitae

Dentist Nurse Curriculum Vitae

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