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The Creative and Catchy Designer Resume Sample

It is almost impossible for a designer to be not creative, and this is why designers usually have innovative ways to make their own creative resume. However, if you happen to be stuck on making a catchy resume, you can simply learn from the designer resume sample below.

Sample Freelance Designer Resume Template

Being a designer means you are a highly creative person with many different skills. In this modern era, there are so many designers in the world with different kinds of specializations, such as fashion or websites.

A Creative Designer Resume Sample

Yes, the best way to make your own resume is by learning from the best example like the following designer resume sample:

Marcus Watts


Phone               : 143 255 2525

Email Address  : marcus.watts@live.com

Profile Summary

  • High passionate and creative visual designer with remarkable experience in multimedia design field job.
  • An innovative leader and helpful team member offering great interpersonal and collaborative skills.
  • Great communicator defined to finish all the design projects within a timely and budget manner.
  • Target-oriented creator conducted to work in highly fast-paced working environments.
  • Adobe certified expert with a remarkable knowledge of graphic design software and exceptional time management skills.

Working Experience

Visual Designer (June 2019 – Present)

Smile Commerce, Pasadena, CA

  • Completing reports on the progress of the assigned project and presenting the results to the clients, supervisors, and managers
  • Winning the 2020 International Designer Award for the Best Visual Design
  • Developing new and innovative website design templates, creating visual mockups and storyboards, and producing professional and interesting visual presentations
  • Working closely with different kinds of technical and marketing teams, training and coordinating many junior graphic design interns, and working on the whole designing process improvement and development
  • Designing new advertisements and products and communicating them to the clients to ensuring that their requirements and goals are fully met


Graphic Design (September 2015 – May 2019)

High State University, Pasadena, CA

GPA: 3.99 (Top 3% of the University)

The 2017 Academic Excellence Award

Societies and Clubs: Political Society, Economics Society, TEDx Club

IB Diploma Program (September 2013 – May 2015)

Heiss International School, Pasadena, CA

Graduated with Excellent (Grade A)

The 2014 Best Graduate Award

Activities: Tennis Club, Fitness Club, Business Club



  • English – Full
  • French – Intermediate
  • German – Native

Computer Skills

  • Adobe Illustrator – Highest
  • Adobe Photoshop – Highest
  • CorelDraw – High
  • Inkscape – High
  • Microsoft Office Suite – High
  • SVG-edit – High
  • Autodesk 3ds Max – High

Tips on Writing the Designer Resume

Being a highly creative person as a professional designer and knowing the designer resume sample is not enough if you don’t have the required knowledge. Here are the tips you can do on your own like the following below:

  1. Add your portfolio

The best way to introduce your products and works in the designer field is by adding a catchy portfolio to your resume.

  1. Designing education is a must

Having a relevant educational background can add the value in writing the best resume because it means you are a capable person with a high level of relevant knowledge.

  1. Include your designing awards and achievements

Yes, you need to have achievements or even awards to get your employer’s attention since there will be plenty of your competitors who are talented too.

  1. Do not use confusing fonts or designs

Just because you are a creative designer doesn’t mean you can design your resume as you like. You need to consider the proper and the manner. Make sure your resume is not confusing and hard to understand and read.

What should you put on your design resume?

After learning from the experienced designer resume sample, you should know a great resume should consist of:

  1. Designer certifications, awards, and honors
  2. Designer working experiences
  3. A designer cover letter
  4. Designer portfolio
  5. Designer educational qualifications
  6. Designer resume objective or resume summary
  7. Designer skills

What skills should designers have?

Here are the top designer’s skills you should have to be a successful professional designer:

  1. Graphic design basic knowledge
  2. UI design skills
  3. Typography skills
  4. Common design format and patterns skills
  5. UX design skills
  6. Responsive design skills
  7. Color theory skills
  8. Architecture information skills

How do you write “About Me” section on your resume?

If you want to include “About Me” section in your resume but don’t know how to make it, follow the following instructions:

  1. Be truthful
  2. Add it to your job description
  3. Be brief
  4. Be short and simple
  5. Do not rambling
  6. Do proofread
  7. Keep updated in writing the “About Me” section

Several Types of Designer Resume Sample   

Whatever the specializations and position that you are currently working in, you can easily take one from the following designer resume sample.

Designer Resume for Database

If you are a professional designer and want to change your specialization and want something new, you can try to be a database designer. Use this kind of designer resume sample template to help you make a designer resume.

Web Designer Resume Template

Designer Resume for Product

Being a product designer is definitely not as easy as you are required to consistently have innovative ways and ideas. Try to use the product designer resume sample template if you want to learn more about this field job.

Database Designer Resume

Designer Resume for Fashion

The fashion designer might be the most famous specialization in designer field job. There are so many successful fashion designers who are well-known internationally. Select the fashion designer resume sample template if you want to be an infamous and talented fashion designer.

Designer Assistant Resume

Designer Resume for Assistant Interior Design

Do you have a high passion for being an interior designer, but you don’t confident enough with your educational qualifications and experiences? Well, you can start by applying interior designer assistant first, and use this designer resume sample template.

Instructional Designer Resume

Designer Resume for UX Designer

If you clearly know that you want to be a professional UX designer and confident with your skills and achievements, just choose the UX designer resume sample as your model to make the best resume.


Product Designer Resume

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