10+ Entry Level Resume Example

Entry Level Resume Example for Your First Job Ever

For fresh graduates who just want to start a career by applying for a job, you may need entry level resume example. As we know, writing a resume for the first time is not easy since we have no idea where to start.

entry level resume for it jobs example

An entry-level resume is not only used by fresh graduate, but also those who have no experience in any field and want to apply for the first job. This resume is great for any positions that do not require many experiences. Now, let’s check the example, and pay attention to the details.

The Entry Level Resume Example

Here is the entry level resume example that can help you to write your resume:

Doe, Jane


Address            : 877 Florida Avenue, Washington DC

Phone               : (688) 777-8888

Email                : doe.jane@gmail.com

Personal Skills

Excellent in writing report

Having great knowledge in environmental issues and working experiences

Excellent in ERSI, Microsoft Office Suite, and ArcGIS

Great in NEPA, CEQA, and CWA

Career Objective

Looking for a position as an environmental planner with Florida High Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Urban Planning and Geography

Environmental Law and Impact

Water Law

Society and GIS

Transportation Law and Policy

Educational Background

Florida High University (2011-2015)

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Florida High School (2008-2011)

High School

Work Experiences

Planning Intern (2014-2015)

Florida County Community and Planning

Volunteer (2011-Present)

Hedgerow Farms

Member (2011-2014)

US Network of Environmental Student Fellow

Environmentalist Intern (2010-2011)

Florida Student Program

Tips on How to Write Entry Level Resume

Even though this is your very first time to write resume, you should make a good one since most of recruiters spend only about 6 seconds screening your resume. That is why you should consider the following tips:

  1. Do not lie about your details on resume. This will make it hard to answer any questions related to your background when doing the interview.
  2. Then, narrow down your focus on the job field and choose entry level resume example based on your need.
  3. In addition, make sure to save the resume files in both PDF and Word formats.

People Also Ask

How do I write my first entry-level resume?

Do not worry if you do not even have any working experiences. You can simply follow these steps:

  1. Include all your skills, professional summary, educational background, extracurricular activities, or any certifications and awards that you accomplished.
  2. It is important to always use the right format and do not save the soft file in uncommon software which cannot be opened on the other computers.
  3. Before sending or giving your resume to the company, make sure you do not have any grammatical or spelling errors in the resume.

How long should an entry-level resume be?

Since this resume is usually needed for a job that does not require any experience, it should be only one-page length. Just make the short and to the point

How do you write your first high school resume?

As high school graduate, it may be hard for you to write a resume. However, it will be easier if you have satisfied result in your school because the good GPA can be a plus. At the top of your resume, list all your educational information, like academic awards or other achievements. Because of limited work experience, list the extracurricular activities or volunteering experiences.

Entry Level Resume Example that You Can Choose

To make it easier to write a resume, here are several types of entry level resume example that you can choose based on your job fields.

The IT Entry Level Resume

If you are looking for an internship position or a part-time job in IT fields, this IT entry level resume example is good answer. You can include your IT skills and professional summary to enhance the resume.

entry level resume for retail example

The Financing Entry Level Resume

Do you have plenty of experiences in financial management and accounting? Well, just use the finance entry level resume example to help you list down the financing background. Do not forget to put professional experience because this might be seen as your strength among the other candidates.

entry level business analyst resume

The Nursing Entry Level Resume

The nursing entry level resume example is perfect for you who passionate about nursing services. Besides your nursing educational background, highlight your skills as well, such as the ability to maintain a close connection with patients. This will be your top value in the eyes of the recruiters.

entry level resume for students example

The Warehouse Worker Entry Level Resume

Despite your gender, if you are passionate about the warehousing skills, like stocking, lifting heavy stuff, packing, managing the stocks and orders with the computer system, you can follow the warehouse worker entry level resume template.

entry level resume for electrical engineer example

The Electrical Engineering Entry Level Resume

Before talking about your true skills in interview, make an impressive engineering resume by following this entry level resume example. A professional resume will leave a good impression of yourself to the recruiters.

entry level resume for warehouse example

The Entry Level Resume for Administrative Assistant

If you are trying to apply for a job in administration, use this template. Ensure you have all qualifications needed in administrative assisting jobs since it is a job that will need the skill in communication, IT, leadership, and accounting. In short, you need to be a person with multi-talent skills to be accepted in this field.

The Business Analyst Entry Level Resume

This template is made for you who seek a job in IT fields and focus on managing any businesses. You will be an ideal candidate if you have good IT and management business basics.

entry level resume for finance example

The Entry Level Resume for Retailing

If you achieve many retailing skills while you are studying and want to develop your career in retailing, you can use this retailing entry level resume example. It will help you make the resume look more professional.

Web Developing Entry Level Resume

Use web developing entry level resume example if you have astounding IT background that focuses on the web development. This template is helpful for both IT developers, either backend developers or frontend developers.

entry level web developer resume entry level resume for administrative assistant example

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