7+ Experienced Resume Format Template

Experienced Resume Format Template and the Samples

Well, good resume has the great points of you as the employee candidate in a company. Yes, resume is one of the considerations in selecting the employee. That’s why you need to create the reliable experienced resume format template as your main “ammunition” when applying for a job.

Experienced Resume Format for IT Professionals

Besides your application letter, your resume will determine whether you will pass onto the next selection or not. Therefore, although a resume is a very common thing, there are still a lot of people who browse through the internet to look for some samples.

Example of Experienced Resume Format

While making a resume might be hard for some people, here is the experienced resume format template example to follow:

Greene, Connor


A passionate graphic designer who is always grateful and creative that always filled with positivity.


Email: greene.connor@gmail.com

Address: 78 Mankato St., Lincoln City, Lincoln

Phone: +54-321-778778


Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Designer 2001-2005

University of Lincoln

Master of Arts in Graphic Designer 2005-2009

University of Lincoln


Intern – CG Tech (2009-2011)

  • Researching the latest graphic design trends then creating the new designs with the team.
  • Applying the new designs that were created by the team into the daily products and advertisements of the company.
  • Creating and designing the company websites.

Junior Designer – CG Tech (2011-2012)

  • Designing and creating the company websites in every branch worldwide.
  • Following up with the customers and offer them new services and products of the company.

Senior Graphic Designer – CG Enterprises (2012-now)

  • Assisting the junior graphic designer in researching for the latest graphic design, then to apply into the products of the company, and also in creating and designing the company’s website

Tips on Writing an Outstanding Experienced Resume Format

After knowing the common sample of experienced resume format template, now you should know some simple tips on writing an outstanding resume:

  1. Do not overwrite your resume. Just put all the relevant things that suited to the position you apply for (relevant skills and achievements).
  2. Use proper font that’s easy to read and pay attention to the font size too (around 10-12).
  3. Save the resume file with your full name on it.

People Also Ask

How to make resume for beginner or non-experienced person?

You need to be aware of your strengths, and focus on them, whether it is your educational background, volunteering experiences, or non-academic achievements.

Where do I can find any job vacancies?

There are so many online platforms to find plenty of job vacancies that might be suitable for you:

  • JobsDB
  • Jobstreet
  • Glints
  • Jora
  • Urbanhire

What do I need to pay attention to when I write my resume?

Whether it is your first time or a hundred times in writing a resume, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Be specific about the position you want to apply for.
  • Don’t put too many colors or pictures on resume.

Types of Experienced Resume

Before starting to make your experienced resume, you can start with learning about the example that’s similar to your expertise. Here are some examples of experienced resume format template based on every expertise that you can follow.

Mechanical Engineer Expert Resume

If you are an expert in mechanical engineer, you can follow this resume template. It requires you to input all details of your mechanical engineer background. It starts from educational background to the work experiences.

Experienced Resume Format for Software Developer

HR Coordinator Expert Resume

You can use this HR Coordinator experienced resume format template for your career developments. Here, just write your expertise in any software or language skills since these are highly needed in HR expertise.

Customer Associate Expert Resume

This template needs you to put down all your relevant skills in the Customer Experience Associate job. Write all your achievements while you were working in any related jobs in the prior company. You can also write job objective to make it easier for the company in placing you later when you get accepted.

Experienced Resume Word Format

Teacher Expert Resume

Are you a passionate teacher who always loves to teach and have uncountable experiences in teaching? Then, the teacher experienced resume format template may be a great choice. Whether you are interested in teaching cute kids in kindergarten or some grown kids in high school, you will still need to write relevant backgrounds and experiences.

Senior Accountant Expert Resume

This resume template is great for you who have plenty of experiences in accounting. It can also help you to grow the career in accounting.

HR Experienced Resume Format Template

IT Professional Expert Resume

You’re a geek who loves to sit in front of your computer? This IT professional experienced resume format template will be great help to write your astounding resume. Make sure to write down your specialist in IT since this will make your resume more noticeable.

Banking Expert Resume

Do you have a passion for banking? Well, just use this resume template. It is much better if you’re supported with any relevant achievements, experiences, or even educational background.

Experienced Engineer Resume Format Template

Software Developer Expert Resume

This one is great a choice for those who want to build a career in software engineering. Make sure to highlight your skills and expertise in details.

Receptionist Expert Resume

If you are an expert in hospitality and eager to build your career in hospitality, try to use this receptionist experienced resume format template. In this template, you can write down your receptionist experiences and skills that will be a great support for your career.

Experienced Professional Resume Format

ExpTechnician Expert Resume

The technician resume template will help you to write the outstanding technician resume. It will be a plus point if you’re having any technical and personal skills, such as a strategic-thinker attitude, or expert in AutoCad.

The Experienced Chef Resume

If you love to cook and having plenty of experience in cooking, then the chef resume template may be a great help to build your resume. You can also write down your achievements in cooking, such as your own new recipes or joining the cooking television program.

The Experienced Graphic Designer Resume

You can’t stand look at any bland advertisement design or web design, and have the urge to create a better design? Then, you may be an expert in graphic designing. With this experienced resume format template, it helps you to focus on your objective.

Experienced Customer Manager Resume

The customer manager experienced resume format template is helpful to build communication with customers. Make sure to write all of your professional accomplishments and any relevant experiences as customer manager.

Experienced Accountant Resume Format

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