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Writing a phlebotomy resume is going to be way, way easier when you use templates. Templates are needed as it has the correct structure and content already. When you use one, all you have to do is actually just editing the whole thing and adding your personal touch to the resume template.

Phlebotomy Instructor Resume

You won’t have to spend hours composing the whole thing and it just takes minutes instead. So, without further ado, please find out some templates and examples for you to write a good resume when you are a phlebotomist. It will help you making the phlebotomy resume in no time at all.

Phlebotomy Resume Example

James Thomas More



45 Jump St, Tudor, EG, 261


  • Working as professional phlebotomist in international hospital.
  • Working with clients ranging from children to elderlies every day.
  • Willing to work hard and working in 24 hours shift.
  • Having good experience in the medic industry and have related education and skills to go with.


Glenn High School, Graduated 2016, GPA 3.4

Smithville University of Medic, Graduated 2020, GPA 3.5, Degree in Junior Phlebotomist

Work Experiences

2017-2019, Internship, Yule Hospital for Children, Assistant Phlebotomist

2019-2020, Internship, Hospital Thomas, Phlebotomist Team

2020-Ongoing, Severn Clinic, Phlebotomist


  • Blood Drawing
  • Injections
  • Medication
  • Basic Patient Checking
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Time Management
  • Team Working


English, Advanced

Spanish, Advanced

Italian, Basic

How to Write Phlebotomy Resume?

The method to write the correct phlebotomy resume is always the same. It starts by using the correct template and example. After that, you can just edit the template and adjust it to your need. The explanation of it step by step will be shown below:

  1. Download phlebotomy resume template and open it in Microsoft Word or other application.
  2. Edit the details including the contact information, education history and more importantly the experience when working as phlebotomist.
  3. Enter your language skill and your overall phlebotomy-related skill.
  4. Recheck the resume and see if you make no flaws in it.
  5. Send or print the resume as needed.

People Also Ask

How do I put my phlebotomy on my resume?

When you have the skill of drawing bloods and do what a phlebotomist can do, you can always put it in your resume under the section “skills”. It is important for you to write that up because this skill is not common and not everyone can do this with ease. This is why it is particularly special.

Write the skill and then highlight or connect the skill to the job experience. If you have been working in hospitals or clinics, you should write that up on the experience list and see that the skill of phlebotomy is related to the experience. It will be a plus point for your resume.

What is a good objective for a phlebotomist resume?

The good resume goal is to work in a well-known hospital. Make sure everyone knows this by entering the goal on the very beginning of the phlebotomy resume. It will show your determination and thus making it easier for everyone who read it to find out what your intention is right from the start.

If you have been working for years, the goal should be to expand your career and to make sure that you contribute more to the industry of phlebotomy. Make sure you write that on the resume so that everyone would know that.

What are some skills to put on a resume?

There are some skills to put on the resume. If you are a phlebotomist, the resume will be revolved around blood drawing and injecting patients with the needed substance. You will also have to own soft skills such as time management and compassion as you deal with a lot of patients every day.

Example Resume for Entry Level Phlebotomy

Entry level is actually brand new. Yes, this is the term for those who are very new in the industry with less than a year of experience. You can write a good phlebotomy resume for entry level when you use this template or other template accordingly. Select the right template and use it anytime you need.

Resume Example for Phlebotomy Instruction

For those who need to write a phlebotomy resume as an instruction, use the template and example shown on the page. It will help you and makes it easier for you to write the resume. There is no need to write everything from a blank page as it will take too much effort and you won’t have time for that.

Phlebotomy Supervisor Resume

Template of Resume for Modern Phlebotomy

Working in modern world makes you adapt for sure. If you want to have modern style on your phlebotomy resume, you can do that by using this example as guidance. The resume will be less boring and more interesting to look at. Of course anyone who read it will feel interested to it as well.

Phlebotomy Technician Resum

Simple Phlebotomy CV and Resume To Download

There is no need to keep phlebotomy resume complicated and all you have to do to write a good resume is using simple sample. There will be plenty of things like this to find on the page and you should choose the one that has the simplest structure. Choose the template and use it as sample.

Entry Level Phlebotomy Resume

Phlebotomy Supervisor Resume Example

This is the resume for supervisor. In hospital industry, surely there will be hierarchy and supervisor is a little bit up there. You can write your supervisor resume and make no mistake about it when you do have the right template and example. Use the example to make that flawless resume you always need.

Modern Blue Phlebotomy Resume Template

Phlebotomy Technician Resume Example

When it comes to the world of medic, of course there will be plenty of technicians there. This is including the one working as phlebotomist. If you want to apply job as phlebotomy technician, there will be resume to write and it has to be spot on. A good phlebotomy resume example is surely needed.


Sample Phlebotomy Resume


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