6+ Waitress Resume Templates

Waitress Resume Templates, Examples and Other Details

Writing waitress resume is not going to be easy when you have never done that before. However, you should never get worried about it because there will be plenty of examples and templates to be found. They will help you to write a good resume, and hence you can use them anytime you want.

Restaurant Waitress Resume

Feel free to download the templates and examples. After all, they are all free to get. They have no price tag, and thus getting them to your PC or laptop won’t cost you any money. This is the example, template and explanation for you.

Waitress Resume Example


Penny Cooper



56 Stuart, Bloom, HA

At a Glance

  • Have been working in restaurant industry for more than 4 years.
  • Expert in food serving and other waitress-related skills.
  • Good in team working and familiar with shifting working schedule.
  • Willing to work extra hours and tending bars if needed or during high season.

Waitressing Experience

  • 2016-2018, Cheesecake Restaurant, Waitress, Casual Dining Restaurant

Main Duties: Serving customers and providing overall services

  • 2018-2019, Glenville Pubs, Waitress and Bartender, Casual Dining Restaurant

Main Duties: Serving customers and providing overall services, tending the bar and providing mixed drinks and alcoholic beverages.

  • 2019-Ongoing, Massimo Villa, Senior Waitress Team, Italian Fine Dining Restaurant

Main Duties: Supervising the waitressing team.


Yule High School, Graduated 2016, GPA 3.1


  • Bartending
  • Time Management
  • Food Serving
  • Bill Checking
  • Communication
  • Listening


  • English, Advanced
  • Italian, Advanced
  • French, Intermediate
  • German, Basic


How to Write a Resume for Waitress?

There are a few points you need to follow in order to write a good waitress resume. Follow these steps, and you can write a good resume with no obstacles at all. These are the steps that you have to take and understand:

  1. Use a good example or template that you have downloaded beforehand
  2. Put your contact information, including phone, email and address
  3. Insert your waitressing experience/ working experience throughout the years. If you have been doing it since high school/ for a long time, write everything and leave nothing behind
  4. Add your skills.
  5. Waitress has plus points when they can speak multiple language, thus put your language skill next.
  6. Recheck the document before sending them or printing them.

People Also Ask

How do you describe the waitressing on a resume?

Simply describe it with the things that you have done over the years. It is like explaining your duties and what you have done on the job. The duties of waitress include serving foods, processing the bills, dealing with reservations and many more. You just have to list them up on the waitress resume.

Also, you can add skills as well. Skills are great, especially the language skill. You never know what customers will come to the table. If by the chance they speak foreign language and you can understand that language, it will be really helpful and good for them. You are going to get lots of tips.

What should I put on my resume for the waitressing skills?

There are skills that are considered important, and thus they will have to be written in the waitress resume. They are including active listening, good memory, patience, effective communication, and the understanding of sale and food safety. The team working and time management are also included.

Moreover, bartending skill is also considered as an important skill. At some points, guests will ask for alcoholic beverage, and at least you should know what to inform the bartender or how to make it yourself. A waitress with this skill is just excellent and definitely praised.

What are the jobs of waitress?

The jobs of a waitress, just like what have been explained in many examples of waitress resume include taking customer’s order and serving their foods, preparing reserved tables for customers, processing the bills, processing the payment and providing overall wait services for the customers.

The Resume Example for Cocktail Waitress

Cocktail waitresses are usually those working in fancy restaurant with fancy bar. They serves food and beverage as well straight from the bar. Most waitresses in this area also have decent bartending skill. Highlight this experience in the waitress resume that you write.

Templates of Resume for Waitress with Duties

Duties are needed to be written on the waitress resume because these show what you can actually do in the dining hall and restaurants. Waitresses are serving for people, and thus they need to have good experience in doing so. If they do not, they should not be working there.

sample waitress resume

Resume Example for Entry Level Waitress

Entry level job is the job for those who have very few experiences or for someone really, really brand new. Waitress jobs have entry level too, and if you are about to start the career there, you should write the waitress resume with entry level specification. It shows that you have just have started.

Cocktail Waitress Resume

The Resume Example for Restaurant Waitress

Waitress is most likely to be found in restaurant. If you need to get a job there, you will have to write an application and attach waitress resume on it. If you cannot write the resume on your own, simply use templates. These can be found everywhere now.

waitress duties resume

Sample for Resume for Waitress

Of course, when it comes to write something serious like resume, you suddenly feel that you need an example, which is acceptable. There will be examples all over the place, and all you need to do is just picking one then see which one you need the most for the resume.

Entry Level Waitress Resume

The Resume Example for Server

Server is another word or term for waitress. Their duties are the same with waitress as they have to serve for the customers during their visit in the restaurant. To apply for this job, you certainly need a waitress resume example. Use the example to see the good, proper format for the resume.

Server Waitress Resume

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