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The Sample Truck Driver Resumes and Templates for Free

People are looking for sample truck driver resumes when they want to work as truck driver, and they need to write a resume. In fact, resume is not merely used to apply for job, but sometimes it is needed for documentation or collected paperwork as well.

Long Haul Truck Driver Resume

Instead of making the resume all on your own, which can be painstakingly long, you can use templates instead. Besides templates, there are examples to be found below. It should help you to write a good resume, and it will help everyone to highlight their experience and career.

Sample Truck Driver Resumes


Richard Howard

Email: richardhoward@mail.me

Phone: 8169-3817

Address: 32 Third St, Howick, JM

At a Glance

  • Experienced, professional truck driver with the expertise in long-distance trips.
  • Having been driving trucks and tractor for more than 10 years.
  • Duties including delivering cargo and good distributions.
  • Having been driving all across the nation and having a commercial driver’s license.

Working Experience

2010-2014, Frank Furniture Company, Truck Driver/Deliverance


  • Operates trucks across the country, delivering purchased furniture to customers.
  • Planning travel routes before every trip.
  • Planning timely delivery for each trip.
  • Performing vehicle inspection before trip to minimize hazards.

2014-2016, John Carl Delivery Service, Truck Driver


  • Operates trucks and delivering items to addresses around the country.
  • Keeping travel records and inventory.
  • Planning travel routes and inspecting the vehicles.
  • Training new truck drivers during their first days.

2016-Ongoing, Jackson Material, Truck Driver


  • Performing loading and loading of material and freight.
  • Keeping records of the goods and material.
  • Operating trucks and tractors if needed.


Boston High School, Graduated 2010, GPA 2.7


Commercial Driver’s License (Class A)

0 (Zero) Arrest for Driving Under Influence (DUI)


Truck operating Equipment (jacks, breakdown, etc.)

Navigating Tool (GPS, Google Maps, Waze)

Safe Driving

Mechanical Knowledge

Log Book Keeping

Truck Loading

Time Management

Team Working

How to Write Truck Driver Resume?

When you look at sample truck driver resumes, there are a few things to notice, and they are the ones that you should put on the resume. What are they? Follow these steps to understand:

  • Start the resume by writing your contact information
  • Add in your resume objective or at a glance information about yourself
  • Write all the driving experience you have through the years
  • Add in your education information
  • Write the licenses and followed by the skills.

People Also Ask

Should you include driving License CV?

Yes. When it comes to truck driving, a driver’s license is a must. You have to find the sample truck driver resumes that include the driver’s license and other certifications, too.

What are the skills of a truck driver?

The skills are including the basic truck mechanical knowledge, navigation, packaging and vehicle maintaining. In sample truck driver resumes, people tend to write soft skills as well, and it includes the time management, team work, and others.

What are truck driver duties and responsibilities?

You do not have to write the duties and responsibilities, but some sample truck driver resumes include them anyway. Truck driver duties are basically delivering goods, and making sure it is delivered on time. They will have to do everything from the start, like planning the trip and do the maintaining

Delivery Truck Driver Resume

The most common type of truck driver is delivery truck driver. They are the ones delivering goods from one place to another. Even though they just “drive”, they have tons of responsibilities, actually, and thus they deserve a good resume. Use sample truck driver resumes to make the resume.

Professional Truck Driver Resume

Resume Template for Dump Truck Driver

Dump truck is harder to handle. It have to be operated by those who have lots of experience in the industry. This is the reason why you have to show off the driving skill and experience if you want to apply for jobs as dump truck driver. Make sure you use the correct template to help you write.

Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

Entry Level Truck Driver Resume

Entry level is the term people use to describe someone new in the industry. It means that they do not have that much experience in the field, yet. To write a readable resume, sample truck driver resumes are certainly recommended to use. Use it and write a good resume eventually.

Sample Fuel Truck Driver Resume

Free Resume Example for Truck Driver

For those who are looking for examples and templates on the internet, of course they won’t have to pay for anything. Templates should be free and so is this one. Download the right template and you can use it all the time without having to spending a cent.

Resume Template for Fuel Truck Driver

Fuel truck driver is a serious job and it is full of risk, too. One mistake or sloppy act can blow up the entire vehicle as it is full of flammable material. You can use sample truck driver resumes to write a good resume and highlight that you have the experience to handle driving fuel truck.

Download Tow Truck Driver Resume Template

Long Haul Truck Driver Resume

Long haul truck driver is a tiring job, sometimes. Not everyone can handle the job and hence only professionals can do that. Highlight your expertise in truck driving industry by writing a really good, readable resume and surely it will impress everyone who reads it.

Truck Driver Resume in PDF Format

If the application for the job is going to be sent via email, you will have to convert the document into PDF format and thus attachable on the mail. Find the sample truck driver resumes in PDF and start editing them and apply for the job immediately.

Delivery Truck Driver Resume Sample

Professional Truck Driver Resume

When you are a professional, it does not mean you can just wing it when it comes to resume. The resume is still has to be well-written. Fear not if you are not good enough in writing resume as there will be examples and templates free to be downloaded.

Resume Template for Tow Truck Driver

Operating tow truck is not easy at all. Someone will have to be very professional at this job. To make a good resume before applying for the job as tow truck driver, the sample truck driver resumes should be used for sure.

Truck Driver Resume Template in PDF Entry Level Truck Driver Resume Template in Word Format

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