10+ Actor Resume Example

Making a Remarkable Resume by Referring to an Actor Resume Example

Becoming an actor may have been one of your dreams for long – even since your childhood. But you know, to act in front of camera isn’t for everyone. Production houses or agency will need to know who you are through your actor resume. Confused while making it? An actor resume example will be a great help.

Resume for Actors

Actor resume example can also be a template to make your own actor resume. That said, with a template to help, cut off those hours of wondering what aspects you need to list down in your resume. You’ll just need to customize it to relate with your own experiences and conditions.

Sample of Actor Resume

Are you deal with the first-time confusion while making your actor resume? No more worries, just take a look of this actor resume example of a theatre actress.

Stephanie Williams

(882) 2330-3299


New Old City, Lost Angels City, U.S.A

Hair: Blonde                              Weight: 137 lbs

Eyes: Blue                                Height: 5’7” ft.                           Vocal: Mezzo-soprano


Ten Deeds to Regret (2020)                    Muse Girl                      RGB Theatre, Courtney Sanders

Late Bloomers (2020)                             Ms. Indiana                   LAC Theatre, James Taylor

The Leaves Wither (2019)                      Blondiana                      DG Theatre, Joe Performer

Film/TV Appearances

Hello My Ugly Face                               Juliette                          112 Studio (short film)

101 Girls on the Street: the Series          Lead (Iris)                     Mundane Year Productions


Sud Star Auto Insurance

Organix Organic Produce

2017 New Old City Odd Carnival advertisement

Special Skills

Ballet, singing, foreign languages: Germany, Latin

Education and Training

BA, Performance Theatre, Lost Angels Public University

Voice, Anna James

Ballet, Yena Choi


James Taylor                 Director of Late Bloomers (882-1222-0029)

Adam Smith                  Professor in Performance Theatre Dept. Lost Angelica Public University


Anna James                  Voice instructor (881-7732-3993)

How to Make an Actor Resume?

It’s actually pretty simple. With the help of actor resume template or actor resume example, that’ll be less than an hour to make your resume (even 30 minutes will suffice).

  1. First, gather the resources of pre-made template or resume examples.
  2. Then, list down the most updated acting experiences that you have
  3. Put that into your template
  4. Spice up the look: change the font size and/or style, work with the decorative, etc.
  5. Recheck, proofread and edit!

People Also Ask

How do I make an acting resume with no experience?

If you have no experiences, you can stick with mentioning education and informal training that you take. Have no prior training in related field? It’s time to get it done: invest your funds and time on acting classes or such.

How do you make an acting resume for beginners?

Why bother making from scratch when you can use actor resume example and its template? By taking any of those, all you need is to customize the template with your own data (and some décor if you want).

What do you put on an acting resume?

  • Personal details and contact information
  • Physical characteristics
  • Acting experiences (if any)
  • Education background and training in the related field (if any)
  • References (if any)

Various Sample of Actor Resume

For ones inexperienced, making a resume can be tricky. Well, all people face it at first, but don’t worry since there are many helps available online. Actor resume example is what you need to shoo away that worry.

Acting Resume Template Example

Confused to make your resume? Well, actor resume example is what it takes to help you out. With various templates to count on, you can easily imitate one to make yours.

Theatre Actor Resume

Acting Resume Template Sample

Resumes are easy to make if you understand what it requires. Besides the personal details, you’ll have to deal with inputting your experiences. Therefore, if you apply for an actor gig, make sure your resume is updated.

Film Actor Resume Template

Actor and Model Resume Template

Do you have double job as model and actor? Cool! Show it off to the next team you’ll work with. That way, you can become one of the most potential actors the team is looking for.

TV Commercials Actor Resume Template

Child Actor Resume Template Sample

With various roles needed by the industry, it’s inevitable to include children into the filmmaking process. Who knows in the future your kid will be a rising star? Show your kid’s experiences (if any) and related classes that your kid has been taken.

Joe Actor Resume Template

Easy Actor Resume Template Example

Some may say it’s difficult to make a resume. But with templates, it can be made easily. With an actor resume example template, feel free to customize the things in it: from the décor, font types, to its contents (after all, the resume contents are what truly matter).

Actor Model Resume Template

PDF File Professional Actor Resume Template Example

PDF file isn’t that unpopular one in terms of a template. Unfortunately, it’s not editable so if you get an actor resume example in PDF, you can read and make it as your reference.

Resume Template for Actors

Who says actors don’t have to write their resume? They still have to write one, and probably you’re that person required to make it as well. If it’s your first time making one, referring to an actor resume example shouldn’t be forgotten.

Child Actor Resume Template

Resume Template for Film Actors

By planning to jump into your next job, it means you should be ready to rebuild and update your resume. That said, referring to an actor resume example will be a great decision to make – hence you not overdoing your resume or lacking the aspects required.

Resume Template for TV Commercial Actor

If working in commercial film is your most common gig, you’ll be most likely to get into this new gig easily. Just make sure to list your biggest ‘flex’ of starring the commercial film for various brands. If possible, you should get the copy of the film itself as proof.

Chris Acting Resume Templates

Sample of Theatre Actor Resume

In making an actor resume, you can refer to an actor resume example. You’ll get to know that resume for actors will highlight related experiences and other appearances in any media; be it appearing for ads, additional role in drama series, short film, etc.

Simple Resume Template for Actor

It’s not the decor lavishness, but the content and experiences that you’ve gathered all these years that matter.  Therefore, instead of choosing one resume template with too many decorative, sticking with a simple one should be better.

Download Actor or Actress Resume

That sums up the information about actor resume example and related information. So, what’s your pick? Are you going to make it from scratch or getting a template to help you out?

Sample Acting Resume Template Download

Professional Actor Resume Template in PDF

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