10+ First Resume Template

How to Write the First Resume Template

It is believed that writing first resume template is not going to be an easy thing. Therefore, to help a lot of people, some templates and examples of such resume are available, so everyone can see and download the ones they need the most.

Find out the information and details about writing the resume below. Now, when it comes to writing resume, even if this is the first time you do it, you won’t get confused at all. These are the explanations and examples for you.

First Year College Resume in PDF

The Examples of First Resume

Martha Douglas



Portland, TN

Career Objective

  • To explore the pharmaceutical world and currently graduating from high school.
  • Has been accepted in Portland University and taking chemistry as major.
  • Will continue to pursue MA and working at pharmaceutical world once graduating college with BA.


Santa Maria High School, Grad. 2020, GPA 3.5

Related Achievement

  • Science Team at Chemistry Olympiad for High School, 2019
  • Winner at High School Chemistry Competition, 2020, First Place

Language List

  • English, Advanced
  • Spanish, Intermediate
  • Hebrew, Advanced


How Do You Write a Resume for the First Time?

When you want to write a resume for the very first time in your life, of course you will not find it so easy. Therefore, all you have to do is actually using first resume template, and pay attention to what to write and what not to write on the document. Here are some tips:

  1. Use the help of template
  2. Choose the right resume format
  3. Include the important things in the resume, begin with your career objective
  4. Start listing your work experience, the relevant ones only
  5. Add your education list or background
  6. If you have relevant skill, add them now
  7. Have miscellaneous section to list anything else you want to include
  8. Always double-checked before sending the resume.

People Also Ask

How do you write a resume if you have no experience?

It is understandable when someone very young has no experience to put on the resume. However, you can replace it by listing your previous volunteer program or any relevant programs you have followed. Find the first resume template that provides space for this.

That way, your resume will look good, and it does not seem too empty. This is why you have to make sure you know how to write a good resume, including how to fill in the blanks on the templates. If you have conquered it, writing any resume should be easier.

What should I put on my resume for my first job?

When you are on your first job, surely you have no previous experience in term of working. So, you just do not need to write one. Fill your resume instead with details of your skill and experience during high school programs or internship. A good first resume template will provide space for this.

If you have followed some internships, that’s good because sometimes companies counts them as “working”. In this case, you actually have an experience. Write all the internship programs you have followed or any summer jobs and volunteering programs you have joined before.

How does a 16 year old make a resume?

16 is minor age, so probably parents’ consents are still needed at this stage. If you are applying job at 16 and the resume is needed, make sure your parents know you are writing one, and they know exactly the content of the resume. Let them get involved in the process of selecting first resume template as well.

Resume Template for High School Student

High school students find it hard to write resume, especially the formal one. Therefore, they need the help of a template, and this is the template that they need to use.

High School Graduate Student Template

One of the best templates to show is the one for those graduates from high school can use. It should help you finding your very first job and get your own earnings.

First Year College Student Resume

Format Template Resume for High School

For those who are graduating from high school or currently in high school, of course you should be able to apply for a job. As long as the resume is good, you will be accepted easily.

First Nursing Student Resume

High School Resume Template

There is no need to write everything right from the start as you can just use ready-made templates. The templates are easy to find and they are great to help you write the best resume.

First Year Engineering Student Resume

Teenager Resume Example

This is the first resume template you need as a teenager. It can be signed off by the parents if the company needs the consents.

First Job Resume Template

Do not be afraid of writing resume for your first job as actually it is easy to write. The example is available as your guideline.

High School Graduate First Resume

Resume Template For Teenagers

Teenagers should be able to write a resume as well. Some of the templates should be found, and the first resume template is probably the best to download.

Teenage Resume Template Formats

Teenagers do not find it easy to write the resume. This is how they can write it easily with example.

High School Student First Job Resume

First Time Resume in PDF Format

Do you need PDF format for the resume? Download the template, and use it to make your own resume now.

First Job Resume Examples

There is no doubt that writing resume for your first job is tough. Use the first resume template to help you ease the process of the writing.

First Engineering Resume in PDF

Resume for First Year College Students

This is the resume needed by students in their first year. It has everything they need to display.

Young Engineering Student Resume Template

Engineering students have to find the details of their resume. This is the template to download.

First Job Student Resume

Template for First Job as Nursing Student

Nursing students are just available to write resume in order to apply for internship or jobs. If you do not have that much time, though, you can use first resume template instead.

First Time Resume for Nursing Students

If you are nursing student and looking for a job, you need this first resume template. This is the right one for those pursuing career as RN.

First Nursing Job Resume

First Part Time Job Resume

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